Store Faceoff


Hey guys, I’m back with another blog post this time a but different from my usual posts. I thought up the idea for this post a while back and I am finally getting it finished: A “Store Faceoff”,….I know it’s extremely cheesy it’s embarrassing but whatever:p
So I basically chose two of my favorite stores and compared their clothing, shoes and accesories etc. Today I chose Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Oh and please, a disclaimer I’m going to throw out there: There is NO previous bias on which store I like the most. I am just doing this to compare for fun and out of curiosity on which I like better:)
Okay, so without further ado, here is the post:)


Soooooo, first we have tank tops and tee shirts and a few crop tops from both stores. At first glace, I already favor the tops from Forever 21. I adore bold graphics, cartoons and extreme font usage so this is a perfect definition of the style I love. I love the witty/ sarcastic saying a lot of the Forever 21 tops have and cats though….so many cats when you walk into forever 21:o
As for Charlotte Russe, everything is perfect for the season, from the ‘Aloha’ tee shirt, to the anchor red muscle tank. Everything is up to date with the American Flag clothing for the Forth of July and the fruit tees perfect for a hot day in the summer….and it’s all on trend as far as I can tell:)
However!!!!!!!! In my opinion…this was a very hard decision you guys…Just kidding though…it’s Forever easy:p
It’s not that I don’t like Charlotte Russe tops but they seem a bit too overdone and unoriginal. On the other hand, everything in Forever 21 is really cool and original in the way that they take a trend and make it their own…their store looks so different than others, I just can’t really explain it:p
Anyways the point goes to Forever 21:)
F21: 1
CR: 0



Forever 21 Dresses: Pretty, but too simple. I think that there are WAAY too many versions of their floral print dress. I mean really? I was looking for some Forever 21 dresses about a month ago and no lie I saw like 15 different floral dresses in 2 pages of the site! I know it’s a trend but…seriously?! Besides these, many other are either Aztec print, simple black/white and some dresses from their Basics line. Now this isn’t bad at all: We always need simple dresses for accesorizing reasons, even I have a couple of dresses from their Basics Line, but overall they’re too simple for me.
Charlotte Russe Dresses: They have amazing dresses for a more formal night out for a great deal, as shown above in a couple looks. I think there’s a happy medium in their store of originality and on trend dresses. (Such as the white peplum dress), and the mint dress with the see through cut outs. I love the many options of the cut of the dresses as well. From maxi to peplum, straps, sleaves, strapless, and everything in between…Forever 21 basically only has skater dresses…at least for the most part.
So this point deffinetly goes to Charlotte Russe;)
F21: 1
CR: 1



Forever 21 Leggings: most of their leggings are $7.80, which is perfect!
The quality isn’t the best though. They shrink way too fast and are too tight when it comes to the extra tight winter leggings.
As for the patters though: They are THE best! I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago from them and they were Newspaper Leggings!!!! They even have Avengers leggings and other cartoons such as variations of a hipster Disney princess which I think is just soooo cool!
Charlotte Russe: They’re leggings a pricier than F21: $13.80 and up.However, you can just tell that they are better quality quite easily. The patterns are a bit repetitive though. There isn’t much selection and even less when you are at the store as opposed to buying online. Aztec is the majority…in different colors…and then they realize: “Wait this is too little of a selection” So then they added SHADES, of the colors! “Yeah that definetly better”, Said NO ONE EVER!!!
Sorry, I was just in tumblr so you know..talking like I was on derrrr….
Anyways, the point goes to Forever 21 for the mere reason of selection…
F21: 2
CR: 1



Forever 21 Shoes: Boots. And boots. And boots.” It’s almost summer you guys, you know that?” I say to myself in my head. Every shoe in Forever 21 has not been updated yet…I’m not even kidding! (Except if you are one of those very privileged human beings who resides in an area worthy enough for a two level F21. Like you guys…you don’t know the struggle…First world problems.) Buut… The shoes are updated online and from past experience I must say that for them not to be a shoe store so like don’t expect great quality shoes, they are pretty good. The shoe designs are almost always very simple and practical which I guess is fine as well.
Charlotte Russe’s Shoes: (aka the place you should NEVER go to 30 minutes after they open if you have social anxiety!) Like’s a sad experience when I like one of their shoes..Here’s what happens: I like the shoes. I have the money. The shoe is in my size! Then I realize….I have to what? Ask the employee for my size? But why can’t the boxes just be out here? Fine. I’ll ask. I go up to a girl more conceited than Regina George (Mean Girls though!) “Can I have this shoe in a size 8 please?” I say. She scoffs. “I’m sorry, can you reapet that?”
“8” I say now extremely annoyed, hating the fact I liked one of their shoes. Great now people are probably overhearing and judging my size or whatever.
“Sure” the Regina copy says. She walks away taking all of her judge judgeness about me with her… everyone else in the store synchronizingly judges with her. so you see… It’s a truly terrifying day when you buy shoes from Charlotte Russe. No lie.
Who gets the point? The least scary experience: Forever 21!
F21: 3
CR: 1



Necklaces. They are all about quality right? Not for me!!! In my opinion, (Now I don’t know if you agree with me but…) it’s not necessary to buy something so expensive, when most people wont even bother to compliment on it or notice the difference…and you probably won’t either. Even though I have never did this: I think it would be so cool to just get a bunch of old, vintage pieces from antique stores or even the much much much cheaper and Tavi Gevinsonish : the thrift store. But why do this with Charlottle Russe and Forever in existence? They’re jewelry might not last that long but you get what you pay for and the designs are always to best:) I decided to give the point to Charlotte Russe this time only for their huge wall of jewlery and their 2 for $10 everlasting deal:)
F21: 3



When it comes to the bracelets of both stores, I can easily conclude that I will always go to Forever 21 for them. Always in variety and always changing more than once per month, I always know I can find something affordable. At Charlottle Russe they only have a couple staple piece bracelets they keep restocking: and they are double the price from F21 being $5.80 and the once from Charlotte being around 11 to 35 dollars.
So the point goes to forever 21. And with 4 points out of 6, F21 Wins!
Do you agree with this conclusion? Think otherwise? 🙂 then feel free to leave that in the comments below!
X0X0, Nessa:)


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