It’s Not about the Price Tag

Hey everyone! I would like to discuss logos and branding today, and how top fashion designers influence our status in society. I honestly just don’t get it that people would actually pay more, just because of the logo! I have never bought anything because of it’s label, and I will never do this either. If I buy a clothing item it is solely on the fashion of it and if I truly like how it looks on me. Granted, I wouldn’t go to Goodwill and say I love the piece because of the fashion, but my point is, why do people think a logo creates value?

Branding and logos in the fashion industry, shouldn’t determine the price of a piece of clothing. Ralph Lauren wouldn’t be Ralph Lauren without that little-man-riding-a-horse-playing-polo logo, and Chanel wouldn’t be Chanel without the double C’s, but how does a logo make something ‘more valuable’? Branding and logos now mean more than anything, it’s almost a sign of status. If you’re caught wearing a Burberry coat for example, you show that you have a bit more money than someone else, or if you have a Chanel handbag in your arm, but I think it’s more about status than anything else as I said. Apparently, if I wear anything from JcPenny or Target I am not as ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’ as a luxury buyer, which of course is totally wrong.

Obviously brands have to market their clothes, and they want people to know what somebody else is wearing, easily, which is of course the purpose of logos. My question is though, why are they so important to us? Why are we so bothered about the logo that is on our clothing? Do people judge us on these things?

There are a couple of reasons people purchase clothing, in my opinion. One: Status and cost of of the clothing item, 2: Quality (fabrics etc.), and 3: ‘Fashion’ and style.

Status – If you are seen with a Mulberry handbag, people might think more highly of you (or try and rob you… maybe), and might think that you have a nice job etc etc (of course, you could have got it as a gift or whatever, but this is just for an example). (Citation to Tolly Dolly Posh for the example:))

Quality – A lot of buyers believe that just because it is expensive, means it’s better quality, which of course is true in some cases, but if you pay close attention, you would have seen the fact that outlet stores sometimes only sell ‘outlet only’ pieces, which are cheaper versions, of the actual designer product.

‘Fashion’ – I think it’s sad how some people generally think that if a product has one of these famous logos on it, then it is fashionable. I hope to become a fashion designer as an adult, and I want to make sure that a logo doesn’t either make someone want to buy one of my fashion pieces, or stop someone to buy it only because of the status my brand would have.

Even if you are wearing a false version of a brand’s product, the only reason you bought it to be fair, is because it has the ‘logo‘ on it… right? The other fact is… just plain and simply… why? What is so special about a designer piece? I understand if you genuinely love the product, the fabric, the way it looks on you, but if you simply just like it because it has the name on it, and you think it is worth more… why? I really do not understand that logic. Just because it says ‘Dior’ on it, doesn’t mean it’s nice… the name might be, but do you actually look at the product? You could probably find something a little bit cheaper which is just as nice, just simply without that label.

Hope you know what I’m getting at though, and made you think a bit about this topic:)

X0X0, Nessa:)


5 thoughts on “It’s Not about the Price Tag

  1. I completely agree with you! I think fashion is ever more powerful in the “social” world – meaning reality tv, bloggers, twitter etc. It’s all about status and how you are perceived. I think fashion is so much more than that. It’s about the concept to the design and how it makes you feel when you have it on not how some one else feels when you have it on! The brand logo is the same as us human beings having names, it simply does not define the product!!


  2. Totally cant stand an ugly bag thats covered in logos id rahee hav something unique, handmade, locally made even and still cheaper than a brand brand.its more unique not fashion victim


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