Summer Homework…Ew

Why hello everyone…sorry I couldn’t hear you through my pile of summer homework!
Soooo, yeah I have summer homework an it is going to take ages to finish it, and I just hope that I’ll have enough time to balance the HW with these posts!
I have some really boring and quite repetitive AP European History packet basically just answering all that questions that you can ever ask about that boring continent.
Then I have to do some AP Literature because apparently I was unfortunately smart enough for that class and now I have to do some 10 page essay on a book I haven’t even chosen yet and also…answer a whole packet full of questions for that book..soooo that my life….ok bye now this post is very despressing. Bye:)

Oh and do any of you guys also have summer homework as much as this or is it just me?!
X0X0, Nessa:)


Replies Anyone?

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