JC De Castelbajac debuts 2015 Resort Collection! My review:)


Hey readers! I’m doing a review on JC de Castelbajac’s 2015 Resort collection today because I used to make them on my old blog and I thought it would be a good idea to start a collection review series again:)


So, JC de CASTELBAJAC , (Being like the King of color complemtering) made sure that his ready- to-wear and accessories would stand out with a vibrant palette, including softened primaries and shades that are mostly black, navy, pearl and off-white to form the basis of this wardrobe. Sunny yellow, seashore blue, olive and bright orange, and not forgetting surprising pinks or fuchsias bring an added femininity to the collection:)


His famous faces popped up too, on knits, (which I thought was pretty cool) and the sense of fun came with little joyful colour-blocked beach umbrellas. GENIUS. Birds, something Jean-Charles references a lotin his main line collections, appeared as trims on pockets and nesting on shoulders:)


The silhouette is both modern and chic which I really loved the most. This collection gives off a slight hint of structured urban ready-to-wear style I guess, with “sportswear influences.” (As stated in Cadtelbajac’s past articles) Most of the looks are brought to life by light and the sophisticated fabrics choices “satin lined shantungs like luminous, shimmering wild silks, are mixed with striped twills, graphic cadis, habotai and printed silk twills.”-(GothamNews)

However, the leading role this season was definitely evident that a sort of new elegance formed in this collection: both comfortable and accessible, (considerably enlarging the jersey and wool overall structure) and perfectly wearable from day to night: a simple, chic and easy to wear collection:)


Sooo…The inspiration? The elegance of the French Riviera and inspired by artists like Matisse or Cocteau…. very poignant evoking a sense of sadness or regret for a Resort collection as back in the day, the chic Parisian women were exactly who bought into them – and he managed to make it fresh and interesting, with a woven basket design featuring throughout. More pictures from the collection below:)






So what do you think of the collection? Please leave you’re comments below!


Replies Anyone?

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