June Moodboard: Top Ten Monthly Inspiring Favorites

I know it’s not the end of the month or anything but I simply don’t want to forget everything I wanted to share on this blog for my monthly favorite random things I guess:p
The one thing I really didn’t want to do was make this post resemble my monthly favorites post coming soon. So, this is more of something like a Moodboard or an inspiration board rather. (Hence the name of this post!)


I numbered the items so I can just explain here below the picture without having to describe each item!

1) The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. (Also known as: the book that can very easily make the top 5 books that are like the best in the history of the universe) Really though this book is the best! I’ve probably read it about 5 times or more already over about a year now, and each time it seriously just gets better. I’m not even kidding though. Rather than those books that are a good read but only for one day, this is the kind where you can really unpack and reread and find new details and connections you didn’t catch before which I really love to do with these kind of books that are worthy to read billions of times! To add: John Green is the funniest (is that a word?) most sarcastic and just the best at writing books, making Youtube videos that are hilarious and his AP courses also on Youtube that have just helped me get through my first AP class, so John definitely deserves this mention:) Side note: I ship Hazel and Augustus more than probably anyone else before has…seriously though.

2) This dress is Versace, and it’s basically a matured version of a tutu and I love it. The pastels I am so happy to see, because I don’t like to see light and airy tints of colors once Easter passes and spring turns into summer. Guys, this dress represents hope! Hope for pastels, and out goes the boring basic colors like red and blue!

3) This Alexander McQueen’s peacoat is $2,785. I really love the all black look, and I’m wondering if you can pull something off like this for the summer. Maybe sleeveless and capris, but in a nice fabric like this one? This was just really pretty to include in my Moodboard.

4) Cara Delevingne…she is my favorite model and she will never get boring! And apparently others agree with me: You can buy this Cara drawing on Etsy! I especially and most recently have been loving the Chanel 2014 Spring Collection a whole lot…especially that background music which I do admit is a bit creepy but I just think it’s really cool…I don’t know! Anyways Cara is just really inspiring because of how she just turned to be an adult this year (21) and she had already accomplished so much and is one of the most favored and talked about models today, even partnering with DKNY for a model search if you have t heard!! Oh, and seriously she photobombed the amazing Jennifer Lawrence at the Met Gala! (Good thing they both have a sense of humor to retake the pictures…Jennifer also of course being the awesome human being that she is went out and photobombed other Met Gala attendees!)

5) This Mara Hoffman Cut out crop top ($139) represents perfectly my current favorite trend of all: crop tops and geometric 2D structural trends…maybe color blocking as well?
The style just reminds me so much of something quite identical to one of the first challenges in the most recent Project Runway season! (The episode where they had to design something from their inspiration while on a boat touring New York’s architecture? Yep. That one:))

6)Elle Magazine So..you might not really understand when I say this but I actually prefer to pick up an Elle magazine than I would for the ever iconic Vogue. I am not completely sure why but I have just recently been favoring Elle more over any other fashion editorial. I mean the advertisements are basically the same in both, as well as the amount of content and actual articles in every issue are quite limited in both. I am pretty sure that it is the magazines’ original content and photo shoots though. Vogue has some pretty outlandish things that are pretty cool to look at, but dosen’t really help that much. Elle, on the other hand has amazing photo shoots that are always so elegant and original.

7) So I found these amazing Versace Medusa Black Leather Ankle boots on ssense.com for $1,255. I have really been loving Versace advertisements and their Spring 2014 collection as well as their Resort 2015. Oh, and I almost forget! One really easy way to keep up with you’re favorite designer’s collections is to go on either Style.com or get the app (I highly reccomend the app…the mobile version isn’t that great) They provide full lists of all designers showing at fashion week since the year 2000! So, that everyone is how I have managed to watch every show since 2010 right now:) Anywaysss… I have just been loving Versace collections recently and even though basically 99% of the world can’t afford it, I still adore everything from this designers collection:) (Especially these ankle boots because no one can make fun of you for wearing boots in the summer, if you’re wearing these!)

8) Two Door Cinema Club! Have you heard of them? Well, they’re only like on of the best bands that pretty much not many people know about..yet! One of their songs already went viral and it’s only a matter of time now, and everyone will know who they are:) Anyways, I have been listening to their music on replay this month, and I am not tired of it yet, sooooo yup that shows that they are simply the best..ever. So go listen to some of their songs!
I Reccomend:
Something Good Can Work
What You Know
I Can Talk
Eat That Up, It’s Good For You
Cigarettes In The Theater

9) I found this awesome fringe top at thefashionpolice.net. I really wanted to include this item, to represent the trend that is apparently still strong and standing today: fringe:) I actually didn’t like it that much when it first made it’s way through the runway and it was quote apparent it would make it’s way to retail stores…but now? I’m not sure why, but I quite like the look now. The one thing that I love about this particular image is-to me- representing something that I always wanted to do: Wear a trend, but wear it in you’re own style and make it unique:)

10)Hayden Williams Drawings! This amazing wonderful person inspired me to draw fashion illustrations again after a quite lengthy hiatus. I just love his style of drawings that look so elegant but modern at the same time. The best part is though: he is so great at his craft that you can tell because every drawing you come across that is drawn by Hayden, you can automatically tell:) That’s when you know you accomplished a very huge goal in an artists life, and what I want to do someday as well. so, he has really been inspiring me throughout the month!



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