Resort 2015 Favorites: (Part 1)

So this post is basically a very long one…all about my favorite designers and memorable looks from the Resort 2015 collections. Not much of an intro on this one…don’t want to make it any longer than I know it will turn out to be:p Here’s my Top 10! (In no particular order)

1) Alexander Lewis



I know I just needed to include Lewis’ collection because I just love pastel business attire and inspiration is just way too hipster to handle and it’s awesome! So what was his inspiration?
His grandmother on what? Drugs? Man, that’s some really inappropriate inspiration if you ask me… as well as Coachella and Palm Springs, California. Whaaaaattt? Yeah it’s hit or miss with that kind of idea…but it obviously turned out great! It has a retro hipster sweet sportswear vibe to it and I love it:)

The grandma/Coachella theme wasn’t random, in fact, but canny: Before Palm Springs’ was known for hosting America’s premier music festival and temporary hipster accommodations, they were famed as the home of well-heeled retirees with a fondness for pastels and afternoons on the links.

Lewis, who actually has a grandmother in Palm Springs, was inspired by the golf courses, translating a bird’s-eye view of sand traps and greens into “marbled jacquard and fine crystal-studded embroidery.” blowing up the pattern into flowing or undulating shapes, patchworked into skirts, tops, and dresses.

But, I personally favor the pastel choices and the beautiful color palette that now easily makes much sense to me in comparison to his inspiration. (Though I quite don’t love where his inspiration was), I still like the collection. I simply love looks that are practical enough to visualize, so that hopefully collections like these become affordable versions in retail stores:)

2) Clover Canyon



Clover Canyon is known for their vibrant colors and digital prints. Rozae Nicholas (designer) was inspired by South America, which brought dresses heavily patterned with florals of only the brightest shades of tangerines and reds. The breezy jumpsuits and dresses were just in time for Coachella:) This season was a bit different for Rozae, as she finally includes a couple pieces that are..dare I say…solids! Gasp! Literally, she almost never designs anything solid, let alone plain white onto the runway, so you can just imagine the surprise on the day the collection was released!

And the best part of the collection is the genius that this designer has to actually pull together such extravagant patterns together and not make it look tacky. The prints are a mixture of trends ranging from tiger print, Aztec and floral all combined which might sound like a total wreck when I describe it, but is just so pulled together and flows perfectly with the designers aesthetic.

One of the things I was very relieved and thankful to see was the outfit featuring a crop top and high waisted shorts…because I am simply not ready to let those pieces go! And can we talk about the sandals?! They’re so practical, but look so cool. I’m not really sure from the photos but it appears they are a shade of green that is literally mirrored you guys! Like I’m not even kidding…Clover Canyon has mirrored sandals and it’s the best!

To briefly sum up this collection, I would say it is the perfect summer look you can achieve, that is perfect for the beach! It’s the kind of design that I can assure is already commercially successful and has already been apparent in stores like Forever 21. So is Latin American like the new thing or???

3)Dennis Basso



“It’s resort in its truest sense in the word” said Dennis Basso of his latest efforts inspired by the Italian Riviera.
“Glamorous people need clothes to wear in the winter”, and so they were. I chose this as my top 12 in this collection because for a rather high class standard…(with not much commercial success outside of the lucky group of elites) the collection was given an otherwise beachy ease with casual materials…merely for practicality reasons I’m sure.

Basso’s references in his looks have always been a bit overboard, but this time around his Resort 2015 collection seemed toned down in a very positive way. It kind of added to the elegance:)
This time, the palette included a series of pink, yellow and green looks to give it that retro vibe. Now, I know that these outfits were inspired by the Italian Riviera but I mean…doesn’t this even slightly make you think that his was at least a bit inspired by Marilyn Monroe instead? The white flowing dresses, blond hair, fur coats??? That’s what I instantly thought of as I scrolled through the looks.

Now, I am not really one for fur, but this is different. It’s a bit more eccentric and modern, as the coat is not entirely fur, but rather panels separated on a thin fabric coat, making the look more feminine and sleek. I mean this looks are exceeding the standards for Resort this year and the looks are all so classic but have such an interesting modern twist, which is why this is one of my favorites.

It’s just one of those collections that is a fashion editor’s, style bloggers etc, dream to own these pieces! (Myself included, if I was a bit older to be suited for this look) 🙂
As mentioned before, this was obviously meant for winter right? So this is my favorite part and I just think it’s simply genius and what really made the collection perfect: Aztec print is a trend…but perhaps Basso didn’t really like copying it for himself exactly. So, what did he do? He simply made it his own! Yup. On a couple of looks, such as the beautiful jumpsuit had a sort of snowflake white and light grey print that I was so surprised to see!

With clutches, high heels and flowing dresses, it made this collection a certain hit in the right direction:)

4) Escada



I think that we all know Escada simply wouldn’t be the Escada we know and love if it wasn’t for their bold women’s identity, surely being the reason I love this label. This season, fashion director Daniel Wingate paid a visit to California’s Pacific Coast with a plan for this time around to be different from their regular nautical theme.
This time around, he combined stripes with a really pretty paisley pattern (that was amazingly hand-drawn!) as the obvious standout opener for the show:)

Wingate got inspiration from the tile work in a pool he noticed while in Beverly Hills. (Which I honestly think is pretty cool, but can someone please point out where this inspiration was made into clothing? I don’t see the connection)

My favorite look by far would have to be the black cocktail dress with the chiffon appliqués and organza cutout details. Yes, it is very simple, but I tend to like things a whole lot more when I can envision them on an “actual person” 🙂 Oh, and sorry for not including the picture of this amazing dress in my collage!

Some of the looks such as the all-gold dress reminded me of the Great Gatsby and the black pant suits with gold embroidery detailing as well. I guess this connection to the 1920’s really did it for me to include this collection:)

Oh and one more thing! If you happened to have seen this collection before stumbling upon this long blog post, do you remember the black and white pantsuit? I didn’t include the picture, but I bet Janelle Monae would most likely be purchasing it:) It just reminds me so much of her style, or her music video Q.U.E.E.N. in the last 35 seconds of the video! Anways, this collection you can just tell that a lot of work was put into the design. I mean really. It was designed with hand drawn paisley print. Now THAT is a designer that really wants to work hard to wow the crowd!

5) Fausto Puglisi



Puglisi is relatively new to the fashion world, but is surely ready to own up to other designers as her proved in this resort collection. And he also proved that he is “American-obsessed”, when using excessive tie-dye and denim in past collections, Sparta sweaters and Zeus symbols on the latter for this collection. (Probably to gain acceptance from a larger audience of the diversity of America, since he IS pretty new)

Fausto describes his vision for his model’s looks as “uptown and downtown, and she’s feminine, but not without a boyish edge”
The mix of cheetah, mint green, lavender and black was perfect for this collection!

Finally, my favorite look would easily be the wide mint pleated skirt, and the cartoon-looking blazer: half mint and half a light shade of purple. I’m not sure I fully understand his inspiration for this collection:(Jackie O meets Andre Agassi), but nevertheless, I still love the outfits:)

Ooooookkkkaaay…I know my reviews are long so I am very sorry about that, I will try to narrow it down for part 2!!!
Thanks for reading and being patient:)



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