Guys, I reached 100 followers today!!!!
In just 2 weeks (or maybe a but more) I realized that the WordPress community was…well…an awesome one! One that follows, comments back and is part of a community:) And for all of these reasons as was able to get 100 followers and some really nice commenters.
I didn’t really know what I would do once I reached the 100 mark, so I asked a few others what they did. Many created giveaways, and some made a Twitter hangout answering commenters questions… But what should I do?

That’s when I made up the Fashionista Award! It’s located HERE


I made this award to recognize other fashion bloggers of their awesomeness and make it a chance to get to know them a bit better(with questions they all get to answer sort of a questionnaire) 🙂
After they answer, I would submit their names into a randomized and choose 5 winners. From these 5, they will be put in a poll located on the page I linked above and you guys can vote for you’re favorite! The winner will receive a follow (obviously from me) and from hopefully everyone that voted for him/her! They will also receive chances to guest post:) (If they so choose to do so)

At 100 followers, this is what I thought was special to do, and I hope you enjoy the contest on the other page in my blog:)

Thank you guys so much for helping my reach 100!!!!20140626-083804-31084122.jpg

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