Writer’s Block Much?

Hey guys! (Wow that intro got boring real fast, sorry about that) So, I haven’t posted in a while, and I literally could not think of ANYTHING to write and then I was like: “Hey, maybe I just need a brief hiatus from this blog”…but then of course I was like: “Nah!” Hence, me making this blog post. The reason I haven’t been posting for a couple days now (which might seem completely normal to you, but I post daily!) is because besides horrible writers block, I am actually currently working on a page on this blog: The Fashionista Award! which I’m really excited about, you guys! To put it in the most basic of terms, it’s an award I started, to recognize fellow fashion bloggers and welcome the new ones into the blogosphere by recognizing their latest posts and great writing skills:) (Award pic below)


So, please go check it out! A poll will be held on my page next week with the Top 5 Bloggers which you guys can then vote for, to win and guest post here if they so choose. So, as you can see I have blog business going on and it was pretty hard for me to come up with a good post for today!

In the process of thinking what this blog post can be about, I found myself trying to read the text on my leggings I’m wearing today. Yup. That’s right. I have text on my leggings! I literally have newspaper article patterns all over and they are real words…not a MacBook text pattern mind you, (Loreum Impisum dolor or something like that) but actual articles. Look below:)



Buuuut…unfortunately, these articles gave me no inspiration whatsoever in creating a post, so I continued to quietly remember random opinions I had pertaining to fashion: Nothing I could possibly create into a post, though. So, I wrote on a notebook random ideas that popped in my head, and at one point, I literally wrote down the full cast of Lost: references pertaining to the show included (I know, I’m not proud of myself either) (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 and about 25 quotes were also included) Basically, I wasn’t getting anywhere, and I knew that.

My mind didn’t allowed me to think anything but fashion, and at one point (still as my head only revolved around Lost) I thought of Oceanic, flight #815 (and no that is not a hashtag, it’s a number symbol, for you extra modern civilians!) which basically reminded me of Oceania because I mean it sound awfully similar to Oceanic..right? Then, I just ended up feeling bad for both because I mean Oceanic crashes, and Oceania was like out of the global trading network until like after 1450!
So, now I had writers block AND I wasn’t focused at all anymore.

I could go on and on about every other detail, but that wouldn’t get me anywhere. I literally questioned the Renaissance, (That whole “Oh, only some people know we’re entering a new era, but it all good” thing, I absolutely hated. A nod to you, humanists) and then I thought of Japan and their video games and how they’re all basically the same in their settings at least. ( Seriously though, they program the character and I can just feel their conversation as they created to game:”Hey this guy doesn’t even look Japanese!” And then the other guy says “Well, I guess it’s time to add another cherry blossom into the picture!” Basically what I’m saying, is that I am filled with weird but insightful things. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, until it interferes with this blog and I can no longer think for myself!

I’m not taking a break, I’m just taking my time. It’s much better to have a couple of quality posts, than a lot of short posts with basically no point to them. Right? Right!

Please leave a comment on what so should post next! I need ideas!!!



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