Favorite Fashion Designers: (continued…)

Continuation/Part 2 Favorite Fashion Designers:) 1-5 can be found on my past post. This post is part 6-10

6) Fausto Puglisi



I absolutely love the bright and fun, yet very practical outfits in the Fausto Puglisi collections. The color scheme is one of the things I find the most interesting in Fausto’s most recent lines: the black, lavender, cream, and light green seem to be his favorites this season as well as past seasons as we see them only progressively being used in more outfits over time: and honestly I really like these blend of colors the best:)

There’s a sense of Greek in some looks, and New York street style in others, totally different inspirations but yet he manages to stay true to his style every time. This, I think is one of the main reasons I love this label. It’s a really good thing when you see an outfit and immediately know it’s designer:)

The first collection I pictured above is his Resort 2015. This is the collection that reminds me of a “rock-Greek” style with the tee shirts and the boots, but yet some really amazing flowing draping in some pieces as well. I absolutely adore that one overly-pleated dress: once I saw it, I hoped I could buy it immediately!

The next collection was Fall 2014 Ready to Wear. It’s bright and it’s fun and the best part: totally Puglisi all the way! You can tell wit the geometric shapes with not outlines (blended colors), street style aesthetic and fun graphic tees to pull all the looks together. I LOVE this collection, simply because he was able to put bold looks onto the runway yet make it look somehow very practical.

7) Betsey Johnson



It’s not just her awesome handbags you see everywhere nowadays that I love, but it’s her story-telling outfits that always put a smile on everyone’s faces that make Betsey a top 10 designer on my list:) Every look is basically entirely different from the other. One second we see a fisherman costume and then the next thing you know you’re watching a model walk down the runway with a topknot, pencil skirt and an apple in hand: a teacher.

It probably seems a bit amateur at first, the fact that none of the looks have an overall inspiration, but rather all completely different, but it honestly makes it all the better! It’s a lot more exciting to not even possibly imagine the next look as you watch her shows, besides other designers that you can kind of guess what the next look can be. In other words, she is unpredictable. Simply awesome.

Now I do have to say, Betsey’s Resort collection was an exception to what I just said. She seems to have had a set idea for the looks altogether for like he first time in forever! Cheetah print, white and silver remained her set color scheme, and a bit of baby pink for the over-the-top hair:)

However, don’t think that she is all about matching and “color coordination” all the time: remember the Spring 2013 Ready to Wear collection? Yeah…all over the place but yet I can’t help but liking it:)

8) Burberry



It’s all about the class and the sophistication: something you can clearly see that Burberry has stated true to. The working woman, mostly famous for their collections near the fall, where their trench coats and handbags make their way to to top of the wish lists of the wealthy women…

I LOVE Burberry. I just can’t get over how classy everything looks, and how the managed to turn every classic into an a piece and is modern enough to be acceptable to wear, present day. Seriously though, the outside of every Burberry shop is amazing and I can only imagine how it looks inside:) Why can’t I be rich to afford all of these beautiful clothing items!!!!! 😦

Anyways, the most recent show: (2nd image) Resort 2015 was all about the simple white and cream, olive and…scales!?
Yup. This collection mixed in a big of looks with large scale-like laying included in a couple of skirts pairs with simple cotton tee-shirts. Many of the looks obviously revolved around their trench coats ranging from elaborate button and belt loops to simple looks perfect for the business working-woman.

The next collection on the first image above is the Pre-Fall 2014 collection. It was really important for me to include this collection because 1) it literally shows the overall aesthetic Burberry describes (I don’t have the quote right now but in the most simplest of terms for a child to understand: um…always classy never trashy? Lolz) and 2) this collection was EVERYWHERE months ago and it was pretty much installed in my brain after countless magazine adds. Like seriously though, how many Pre-Fall adds do you need? Oh, and 3) This collection made me realize that sometimes it is possible for me to like fur….because I can’t stand fur coats, fur basically anything most of the time.

9) Dior



Is it too cliche to name Dior? Yes. Am I still going to talk about it? Yup.

Dior: I don’t even really know exactly how to begin to even describe the overall style…that’s because it’s ever-changing. However, I do know this: it’s all about being classy but at the same time, being able to have fun with the outfits you wear.

The Fall 2014 Ready to Wear collection: fell in love with it even before Jennifer Lawrence wore one of the peices:) I love how some of the dresses look like doll cutout clothing layered together in beautiful bright colors. And the coats with the mismatched one in hand? Awesome. The Dior collections always show that minimalism doesn’t mean boring.

The next collection: (1st picture) is the
Resort 2015 collection. Also, showing minimalism, with fun extra details to make classic pieces their own. The fabric that is underneath some of the blouses give the looks a nice feminine touch to a rather masculine looking women’s suit.

10) Louis Vuitton



Louis Vuitton a.k.a the advertisers that have to be in a magazine or it is simply not complete without it! Classic, loved, and always fresh: Louis Vuitton never gets old. It’s a bit “out there” lately which I think is a good positive change than the usual.

The label’s Resort 2015 collection (1st image) somehow reminds me of sportswear mixed in with red carpet…it’s a really weird mixture, but that’s what first came to mind. I love the colors and the race car driver look mixed with …..tennis player? I’m not sure. This is honestly a very confusing collection, but I quite like the ones you have to think to understand:)

Next on the list is Louis Vuitton’s Fall ready-to-wear collection. All I could think of when I first watched this show is: This basically looks like the more polished version of New York street style! And that’s what it was…it’s modern and it’s eccentric…it’s something we haven’t seen before…at least from the Dior house. I love it!

Okay you guys, so those were my top 10 designers, if you would like to see my first 5, it’s one post below, if you’re interested in reading:)
(Because this post would seriously be extremely long if I would have all ten in one post!)

What’s you’re favorite designer? I want to know! Leave it in the comments below:)



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