Dior-Fashion Icon!

Hey everyone! For today’s Fashion Icon, I will be going over Christian Dior:)


(DISCLAIMER: this bio is from thebiographychannel.co.uk and is in no way written be myself)
Fashion designer Christian Dior began his fashion career by selling sketches of hats to Parisians in 1935. He drew dresses too, but initially his hats were more in demand. Dior worked hard on his dress designs, though, and three years later he was employed by Robert Piguet.

At the onset of war, Dior went to fight in the south of France. Returning to Paris in 1941, he worked in Lucien Lelong’s fashion house.

With the war over and the world looking for something new, Dior established his own house in 1946, backed by the textile manufacturer Marcel Boussac. For his first collection, Dior created the New Look for which his fashion house became renowned. Its feminine elegance, with delicate shoulders, tight waist and full skirt, was inspired by the spirit of Parisian women. The opulence of his designs contrasted with the grim post-war reality of Europe, and helped re-establish Paris as the joyful fashion capital it had once been.

In the 11 years before his death, Dior dictated European style. Each of his collections had a theme – the classic suit, the ballerina skirt and the H, A and Y lines that ruled the early 1950’s.
Dior was first to arrange licensed production of his designs.

Furs, stockings, ties and perfume were manufactured in regional centres across the world, spreading his brand name quickly about the globe. When he died suddenly in Italy, in 1957, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior’s assistant of four years, took over as head designer.
Here are some ideas on what you can buy from Dior’s Collection at an affordable price:


1) Dior 5 Colors Trianon Edition Eye Shadow Palette 954 Pink Pompador: johnlewis.com: £41
2) Christian Dior Vintage large rock nail cuff.: farfetch.com: $536
3) Dior Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Weat Nail Laquar: $25, saksfifthavenue.com
4) Dior J’Adore Voile de Parfum: $82: saksfifthavenue.com
5) Christian Dior Neón Orange Open-toe pumps: bluefly.com: $890
6) Christian Dior Black and Quilted Ballet Shoes: $590: bluefly.com
7) Christian Dior Vintage Checked Crop Jacket: $758: farfetch.com


If you are interested in seeing the more pricey options on the runway, here is my review on the Dior 2014 Fall Ready To Wear Collection:)
Overall Rating: 9 out of 10!
I really love the bright colors in this collection. It’s such a breath of fresh air when a designer actually has a compelling and elaborate color scheme that shows how much effort they put into the collection, rather than predictable fall colors such as brown and darker orange tones….and Raf Simon (worked on this Dior collection) did just that! I loved the makeup choice of a consistent gorgeous turquoise eye color as well. This collection really conveys a sense of spring as well in this fall collection with the small use of flowers. The shoes on all the models are of an Aztec style in the front and around the heel which I think is really cool, having inspired stores to carry more Aztec printed clothing:) Prehaps my favorite thing from the collection overall was the beautiful, long, brightly colored coats!!


These three looks above show 2 models with a professional suit in an emerald green and a burgandy as well. The middle look features a camel colored waistcoat. What I really find interesting and quite original is what looks like they are carrying fabric of a color quite the opposite their clothing color. I am quite sure they are not carrying a blazer etc., but a piece of fabric! I don’t know why but I just find this so cool!


For my first favorite look from this collection, is this amazing hot pink dress! I love the shoulder’s cut that is very similar to the fashion-forward shift blouse but in dress form! I also love that this dress had a simple collar and a necklace perfectly fitted above. Prehaps the most memorable however is the bottom half of this dress with its flirty bubble form, I love so much! I think it was a very good use of pleating the skirt, and making it look fuller, making the waist slimmer.


And here is my final favorite look:) I think this dress is so simple, but yet so cool and I’m sure something more everyday-friendly similar to this look will be coming out in stores soon! I really like how it looks like the dress was simply sewn in 4 simple pieces, and cut without any folds. (basically, a rough draft of a dress) The way that it looks like it’s a small bright green dress under an outline of another is just genius! Finally, the flowers I’m not so sure about…although it is okay to mix spring with fall collections, I don’t think it was necessary for this look, as I feel it overpowers it and the looks was already gorgeous by itself with no accessorizing.
Anyways, please leave a comment if you liked this post, I would really appreciate it and I will type to you all tomarrow:)

X0X0, Nessa:)


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