And our winner is…!!!


Hey everyone! I’m really excited today, because it’s finally the day when I announce the 1st ever winner of the Fashionista Award! I created this award thinking that it would be an awesome opportunity for fashion bloggers to get some well-deserved recognition:) In doing so, I think I did just that, and might have even build a bigger readership than I expected.

So, without further ado, our winner is…. StyledbySteph96 !
Congratulations, you had an awesome entry post, of course I had to follow you’re blog..


Now, this award was chosen completely from a poll, that readers chose, so I didn’t go out and pick whoever I wanted to win! Poll below:


A huge thank you to everyone that participated, you are all awesome! You’re posts allowed your readers to learn more about you, and I really appreciate you’re participation! I felt really weird asking such detailed instructions for this award and only having one winner. Because of this, I followed everyone that participated, and why don’t you all display this award on you’re blogs! Everyone did an amazing job and deserved this little recognition I’ve made:)

Anyways, the “prize” for the winner of this contest was the hardest to decide. I finally decided upon a guest post opportunity to further raise their stats, but it you guys think of some better award, please let me know in the comments!

The next contest will be held today, and 5 winners will be chosen again out of 25:) You can vote for the next contestants tomorrow!

Again, congrats to all of you, and go follow the amazing blogger StyledbySteph96
for such an amazing blog and entry!

Xoxo, Nessa:)


4 thoughts on “And our winner is…!!!

  1. Congrats to the winner!You have an awesome blog along with all of the other participants! I am just so appreciative that I was even nominated and that you all out there are reading some of my posts. It’s been great connecting with others that share the same passions and just blogging and doing my thing 😉 Much love! xo 🙂


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