15 Things I Won’t Wear TAG:)

We all have a couple of things we just CANNOT wear….well I have 15. Here’s my Top 15 Things I Won’t Wear Tag!
(I tag the following bloggers to write a post on what their bottom 15 are:)
BeautybyCopperstar, Kat Galarraga, Style Notions, Wilmke, LifeAccordingToJamie, PlusSizeSparkle, SophieChekruga, BeautifulBreakable, LeahPereyra, MysteriousBeauties, TheStylishBum, HollyLovesTheSimpleThings, KrystienEncounters, Shiori, LostInMyDreamland, BeautyDoes, LolitaLand, NaptuallyCoily, KBeautyUp, Ailunga07, lifelovelindsey, beautybyburdess, TiffandCoco
Leave a comment below if you did the tag, I would love to see you’re lists! Now, on with the post!

1) Excessive Animal Prints


(Especially cheetah and zebra!) There’s something about using the same pattern on a whole garment that I just think looks so…tacky? Cheap? I don’t know, I was never a fan of cheetah, and zebra is EVERYWHERE in my bedroom decor and I’m really bored with it already:p It’s not that I don’t like patterns (love them!), but something about these really popular animal prints are just not the best for me. However, a notable exception would probably have to be Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s Met Gala outfit: it had a tasteful and minimal use of cheetah with leather and studs on the dress’ sleaves. 🙂

2)Navy and Black Combining


Now, I know that navy and black are now a trend together, like Chicityfashion said: “You can wear white after labor day, and you can most definitely wear navy and black together and now you can wear sweatpants in public.” But, it has always been something that I couldn’t match together…It was kind of like a rule that simply couldn’t be broken. Now, I do have to admit that the looks above don’t look as bad as I always
envision this new trend, but…still.

3) Capris


No. Just no. There’s something about capris that just doesn’t feel right for me. I mean do they mean the weather is chiller than usual or warmer? Are they for Spring or maybe for Fall? And they don’t even look so good! Personally, I really like to wear jeans. Not capris and not even long shorts. It’s either or! I especially cannot stand the ones with the flowy or airy feel. For comfort? I think not! Try wearing these in a windy area and you’ll feel like you’re not even wearing pants…Oh, and the colors too! I’m not really sure why and my reason isn’t the best, but I really don’t like the neon or brightly colored pants: It just makes it too hard to choose a top to match!

4) Crocs…just..no


For GARDENING people! GARDENING! No, they are not for going to the store, and they are NOT for a movie theater or wherever you go! I mean there are literally 20 minute long commercials on these and yet people still wear these as if they were any other pair of shoes you can wear basically wherever! I mean I guess that’s why they created these flip flop and sandal type shoes from the brand…might as well.
It’s not really the actual shoe that bothers me. It’s more just the fact that people will actually go out in these that drives me crazy….HOW can you wear these!!?

5) Fur…ew


Or more specifically, coats. Fur coats. And yes, this also includes the ones that would be such an amazing jacket if only that fur collar hadn’t completely RUINED IT. Fur is a classic, a staple and on the list of things I will never EVER wear. I really hate winter clothing merely because you have to cover up so much that you loose you’re shape, and everyone looks 20 pounds heavier with a fur coat! So, I really do not like these: fake or real.

6)Bold Red


Pretty much any clothing item that is completely red and only red I will not purchase. I know that a lot of girls choose red as their go-to color, or something….but I really don’t like it:(
I really don’t expect anyone to relate to this one, simply because it’s the majority of people’s favorite color…
Whenever I think of a red dress for example I instantly think of Discovery or Rainbow stores with dresses made in wholesale…unoriginal and a bit boring.

7) One-Shoulder Dresses


Now, not all one-shoulder dresses! The ones that appear quite frequently on the Red Carpet events are very pretty to say it simply, but the ones available to us in stores? Not so much. I’m not sure why, but these dresses kind of give me the impression of tacky or a bit too club-like…so…no…

8)Boots Above the Knee


I don’t like these. Never have and never will. The height of the boot had to have some sort of limit when it goes to far and well…I’m pretty sure it’s gone too far! I mean seriously, how are you even supposed to sit down and bend you’re knees when the boots are bending trying to remain it’s shape!?
And this might only be my imagination, but I feel as if the boots quality lowers as they get taller? Not sure.

9) Spaghetti Strap Dresses


It’s actually sad because sometimes I see such a beautiful dress, very elegant and perfect for the Red Carpet…but then the very casual spaghetti straps totally ruin the look!
They’re fine for basic camisoles and casual wear, but when it comes to expensive dresses…why!? I don’t even know what else to say, but I will not be buying a dress with thin spaghetti straps.

10) Turtle Necks


The Turtle Neck: most likely created by the parents of a very whiney child they are tired of…in the winter. I hated them as a kid, and my opinion about them stays EXACTLY THE SAME!
I mean I do understand that test are for the winter and can even substitute for a scarf..but they are sooo unflattering and uncomfortable!

11) No-Shape/Boxy Tees


These are ok if you’re like a really tall, skinny model. But, if you are an everyday, normal weight girl like me: ITS NOT HAPPENING. Unless it’s nightwear, I simply cannot stand clothing that isn’t tailored to you’re shape, anything shapeless or anything baggy. Wearing oversized tee shirts with leggings seem like the thing to wear right now, but I honestly think that it all looks too lazy, it could pass for sleepwear…but that’s just me:)

12) Flared Jeans


These might have been ok, like 10 years ago, but now…just no. Now, it’s probably because I associate these too much with the 70’s that I don’t like these, but I really don’t like jeans unless they’re skinny…maybe boot cut but even then…
Not really much to say about these except they would defiantly be something I’d skip at the store.

13) Floor Length Skirts


I only dislike these because they look so horribly horrible on me and I don’t even want to describe how ugly they look on me. Really unflattering, and somehow adds an illusion of thicker legs..weird. I’m more of a skater skirt kind of person:)

14) Old Lady Floral:p


Some florals I do like. The ones in the photo above? Nope! I can’t stand this new trend simply because most of the floral patterns either remind me of an old lady’s tablecloth or something like that. I feel like it ages people and makes them look way too mature for their age. It’s not business. It’s not casual. I’m not really even sure where I would wear a floral top…

Kitten Heels


Simply because I hate the fact that these are the closest I can ever get to heels because I would probably twist my ankles repeatedly if I wore anything taller. So, yes I think it’s safe to say that I despise the kitten heel!

Okay, you guys so those were my bottom 15 clothing items, shoes, patterns etc. I wouldn’t wear:) Leave a comment below or continue the Tag telling me you’re worst 15! I think it will be fun to see what we all would never wear:)



17 thoughts on “15 Things I Won’t Wear TAG:)

  1. I agree with the boots over knees. I don’t think it looks so bad if you style it correctly and if you are TALL! I’m so short and it would look like the boots were eating me haha! I tried it once, and I realized that I could never pull it off.


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