Social Media: Stop, you’re lowering our Self Esteem!

I write a lot about fashion here on this blog, but sometimes there’s some other relatable categories that I really want to write about and they’re not necessarily about the latest trend or red carpet event. And you know what? I want to talk about them! So today, this post will all be focused on if you’ve ever felt cool because that Instagram photo you posted got more likes than you anticipated, that’s a totally normal feeling…and you’re going to want to keep reading. If you stress over not having enough followers or not getting a compliment on a recent selfie…then you should also keep reading.

We’re quickly becoming a generation who craves… validation. Whether it’s an in-person compliment or an online “like,” it feels good to get that positive feedback, right? It becomes a problem however when some start to take it really personally — like feeling you made the wrong outfit choice because nobody complimented you. Why? You should never question you’re outfits or a photo you were proud of taking. Unfortunately, this has happened countless times already on social media — that post (regardless of what site it’s on) didn’t get as many likes/comments as you’d hoped…and if you’re really offended, you’ll just delete it. And it’s not just Instagram or Twitter..I mean I think it holds truth for bloggers like me as well. So the question is, how did we get to this point?

Well I mean we always just: BLAME THE INTERNET. Of course. Whether it’s good or bad, we seem to blame the Internet/social media/technology for everything. And that’s because it’s usually the Internet’s fault. Right? But seriously though, negative comments, not enough likes etc. is bound to happen to all of us, seeing that we all spend WAY too much time on the internet and on social media platforms.

I mean really? I think it’s insane how much our generation needs to feel validated. Of course, I can’t exclude myself, but I’m genuinely concerned about this younger generation growing up in a world where mirror pics and selfies are a daily occurrence. (In a way, it’s kind of sad actually…where in this decade can we say that we have made positive progress?)

In the blogging world, it’s easy to get caught up (or literally down) in watching other people’s life’s – without lifting your head up away from your phone long enough to live your own. Perfect example? That YouTube video: Look Up. It teaches a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone. (What’s ironic is that their message is to stay away from the internet, yet were on the internet watching their video:))

Anyways, just temember that just because you see a couple of moments captured by someone online…that seems absolutely awesome in someone’s life….it’s doesn’t mean that it’s always like that. Thinking this way effect’s everything from perceiving others life’s as perfect, to having a negative body image and so on. In short, social media and the internet brings out our insicurites. I don’t know what the answer is, but hopefully, we can all put down our phones from time to time and enjoy living in the moment without having to take a photo…. of our MEALS. Seriously you guys you have to stop! As my mother always says: “Yes, we know: You eat food!” 🙂

Hey and what about those hashtags to get more likes/followers? Irrelevant tags like #ootd and #followforfollow are used on posts which have nothing to do with the photo! (Guilty as well, I do admit) I’ve seen what types of posts get the most activity (pretty much all these fashion girl cliches…which I am also guilty of a few) but you either Instagram for you or Instagram for others…and at the end of the day, as long as you guys continue to read this little wordpress site I call a blog, and enjoy it…that’s all that matters to me.

So where does this leave us? It’s not a bad thing to want validation from social media, but is it really necessary? Will you really beat yourself up for not getting at least 11 likes (meaning you no longer can see which specific users like your photo and you just see a number?) Oh yeah, I know what’s up: We all know the types of photos that have the best engagement (flowers, arm candy, beach scenes, a design in your latte, etc. etc.) So, do you post those because you love those things or because you know you’ll get more likes? What are your feelings towards social media and our current “social” society? Feel free to leave you’re comments below.

Xoxo, Nessa:)


6 thoughts on “Social Media: Stop, you’re lowering our Self Esteem!

  1. Great post!

    I think — in it’s basic function — social media is a fantastic vehicle.
    It connects people on many levels, can be a hub for change, and generally be used to inform/ educate people that otherwise may have been, unheard.
    However, as you said, we are now starting to see the ‘dark side’ of social media. We seemed to have gravitated away from the ‘connect’ element, and instead begun to embrace a ‘look at me,’ culture.
    Actual expression ie “I’m taking this picture/ tweeting/ posting this because I GENUINELY like it,” has become a thing of the past.
    Now, it seems to be about attracting more followers, getting likes etc. which we all understand, but if we are constantly doing things to try and gain approval or validation, that leaves little room for individuality (steps down off soapbox)


    1. It’s actually kind of sad to see this negative transition to peoples motives on social media nowadays. It seems too “I need more followers and likes” at this point and I’m always a bit disappointed when I catch myself saying pretty much the same thing. It’s great to hear more people notice this though:)

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  2. very good in pointing out the reality of being an underdog blogger =) I feel guilty as well.. Well, I don’t have instagram, or twitter, my fb is private.. I only have my blog and chictopia bec I don’t want to get caught up with this reality… I always tell myself that I blog because this is what I love doing, but sometimes, it makes me sad when I don’t get a bit of traffic in my blog =(


    1. Yeah I know exactly how you feel with only having a blog and Chictopia. I recently stopped using Instagram after my account got hacked:( And I’ve never really been into having a Facebook. It’s nice to know someone agrees with me:)


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