Pretty Much Perfection: Chanel Fall 2014 Couture

Yes. Just yes! Just saw the Chanel collection minutes ago, and here I am now making sure that all you guys also know what the most recent debut is:)

So, today I would like to talk about….Chanel’s 2014 Fall Couture Collection! Like seriously you guys, I’m obsessed:)

But, you guys…I think we all had the same question in mind when the show came out in what feels like only minutes ago: WERE IS CARA!? The show basically CANNOT go on without her! It was really disappointing but at the same time made me realize that models simply can’t stay with the label their whole lives.:( On a high note however, Kendall Jenner looked amazing on the runway, and she is a fresh face for Chanel.
If you’re watching the video, she at around 5:40:)

As for the clothing though, like seriously though I can’t. I cannot even. I have officially lost my ability to even because if how beautifully perfect this collection is! From every new collection that comes out, I am still shocked with the amazing detail and perfect embroidery that goes on for Haute Couture. Every outfit taking weeks each for completion, and each one one of a kind. It’s absolutely amazing and definetly what makes these shows,the majority of consumers absolute favorite!

Here are some of my favorites below:


These! Now the look in the middle reminds me so much of the label’s Spring 2014 Couture collection! Is it just me? I mean it looks sporty, it’s boxy in shape, is had that really cool same-color Ok. Will I ever stop talking about Chanel’s Spring 2014 Couture Collection and making excuses to mention it? Probably not. 🙂
Ha! Get used to it!

As for the two looks on both sides I mean seriously, work that boat neck! Love both looks, it is sooo Chanel that it’s crazy…and I am at a loss for words… You see first you might think that the model is wearing a blazer with a thick-fabric tweed top right? And a skirt under the layers? Nope! The “blouse” part is actually just a beautiful thin pattern of jewels on top of the cream colored outfit, with a skirt with the same exact color. The super-tiny jewels continue on the ends of the sleeves. I really love these looks because they look so elegant and feminine….and I mean I just think it’s so cool when a designer manages to keep the look entirely Chanel! Seriously, screaming Chanel through the photos right now.


When I see these looks I immediately envision a very successful street style blogger merrily wearing one of these fall items, while we just sit back wanting that exact outfit so bad as we have now done repeatedly for so long.
That’s good right? As much as these looks are elegant, they are also (somewhat) practical and have great commercial potential! I can most definitely see a celebrity wearing these already:)

I absolutely love the coats and their peplum feel, with the skirts matching in style, shape and fabric. The red look really stands out, but is definitely still cohesive when Kendall makes her way down the runway, also sporting some red in a more…plaid way:)

Final statement on these looks? Um, tweed is the best, and owns the whole Fall season! (Since like 2010 you guys) :p


This look reminds me so much of Christmas with the incorporation of velvet:) A total win on Karl’s part:) (I mean it’s not just a Fall collection…it’s winter too!) But, the reason this look is one of my favorites is the jewels on the dress that form a sort of really cool shrug that’s attached to the dress. And this look…is it inspired by a gingerbread? (The three buttons down the middle:))


A bejeweled crop top and a sporty, cooler version of a plastic bag. Yes please. I would literally wear everything in this outfit basically anywhere because it’s just that perfect:) There really isn’t much to say of this look. It’s more about the big detail as opposed to the smaller ones: simply just a beautiful outfit!


😮 Why helllooooo there Kendall, how are you doing this fine morn? Lolz. I think it was nice to see a Jenner in a Chanel show, and I’m sure we will still see Cara in later seasons, so fingers crossed for that!

Chanel 2014 Fall Couture

What do you think about this new collection? Do you think it’s puuuurrty??? 😉 Leave you’re comments below! Follow for more fashion reviews:)



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