Complete Guide: Must Have Basics You Should Own!

*Warning: This post is extremely long, so chances are you may get bored and stop reading. But just know that if you keep reading you’re coolness level will like… yeah you should probably read on!*

If you’re like most girls, you probably spend a lot of time getting ready, staring into you’re closet FULL of clothing, yet still trying to decide what to wear. (Despite, you know… those piles of clothing that surround you?) Well then, more often than not, you spend this much time because you’re wardrobe may be missing pieces that would allow you to easily translate them from one outfit to the next.

So, this post will focus on the essentials in a wardrobe, (And some…not so essential) to invest in:)

Before I begin this post however, I do want to mention that it’s very important while shopping for basics, (even though it may not seem that important) to keep in mind that when trying to acquire the perfect wardrobe staples, you HAVE to stay true your personal style! Buying wardrobe staples is just a waste of time and money if those pieces don’t match you’re style, and will only end up in the back of you’re closet right? Yup! So, choose something that is tailored to you’re personal style, something you love and are comfortable wearing:)

It’s also worthy to note that although these staples pieces should reflect your style, they should not be too trendy that they will be out of style next season. Oh, and they shouldn’t really have patterns that are difficult to match (then you’re back to level one where you once again you have no ideas what to wear) Invest in pieces that can serve as building blocks of a wardrobe. a.k.a simple, timeless, articles of clothing. Search for something that is versatile…it’s a must; the garment should work with different outfits! An example of versatility? Color. (Basically black and white…don’t worry you can easily dress up neutrals:)) Want a dramatic flair to you’re outfit, but only have basics? Wear a bright pop of color or an animal print to instantly transform the look. (I promise it’s so much easier to just add statement pieces to simple outfits…and it looks 1,000 times better!)

Since they are basics and never go out of style, they will probably be in you’re closet for multiple seasons. Because of this, you should keep quality in mind as well. Therefore, it is okay to spend a little more for these staple pieces, rather than on the less essential garments and accessories. After all, these items are a long-term investment.

The items I will talk about later in this post are items that you absolutely need ready and waiting in your closet. These make up the basis of your wardrobe; they’re the must haves, no matter what your style — the wardrobe essentials! However, what basic rules are there for a clothing item to be considered a wardrobe essential? Basically, an article of clothing has to have several important attributes you should keep note of: It must be versatile. In color, in shape, and to how many events this piece can be worn. Make sure that the garment is of good quality, and lastly, make sure that you personally like the item and you stay true to you’re style:)

So, these are the basic rules! The basics to buying basics! :p Now, here are some example items listed below, to help you along the way:)

(By the way, in the comments below, let me know if I use too many emoticons! I think it’s becoming a problem!)


Plain White Tee:

Some go as far as to actually spend $100 on one of these! Now, obviously I don’t agree with having to paythat much for basically just a tee-shirt, but I do believe that you definitely always get what you pay for..especially in clothing. Spending a bit more on a clothing item? It’s always smart to pay more for something you know is a great investment. It will be so much more worth the purchase when you known that you’re clothing is going to last multiple seasons:) The plain tee will never go out of style and can easily be dressed up with a blazer or down with a pair of jeans! To some, a plain tee shirt means defeating the purpose of the tee. (Believing it is for showing off what you love such as a band) Even though tees have been around to showcase either a band, a brand etc., it’s worth noting that even celebrities are given

“bonus points” as they are able to pull of the plain white tee quite well:)

Striped Tee:

It’s always a good idea to have a striped tee shirt for the most casual outfits. You can also dress the look up with a pair of black flats and a black leather jacket. Easily dress this outfit down with some loose light wash jeans (very popular amount many right now) I really like how versatile a striped tee can really be: Since the black and white stripes are already a pattern, it is one of the only basics you can pair with other simple clothing items:)


Camisoles are just very helpful to have and super inexpensive to purchase. (Depending on where you go: I recommend Forever 21 camis. They’re great quality, last long and are only $2.80 and sometimes even $1.80!) The reasons these are great to stock up on is because they are so useful when you wear a rather see-through top, and want to wear a layer under (but you don’t want to create a weird bulky effect under you’re blouse.) I really find these useful for crop tops as well:)

Dress Shirt:

It’s always a good idea to have a dress shirt that is appropriate for a business-attire type of day. (Even if you don’t work in an office or anything!) Besides, if it’s a meeting, an event etc. it’s always a good idea to have clothing that is business casual: and that’s exactly what the dress shirt creates. You can wear this with a pencil skirt, (You know if you want to look like an old teacher or anything:p), black business pants, or even a skater skirt! (Just keep in mind what fabric makes more sense or appropriate for the day)


Black Pants:

As mentioned above, these come very useful for a business day. There’s just something really cool of having a casual women’s suit and it will definitely come in handy one day:)


Jeans: literally the best:) They are so versatile and it is totally ok if you have like 10 pairs of them. (Seriously though, it’s ok) They are extremely versatile and will never go out of style.

I wear jeans most of the time, when it’s too cold outdoors to be wearing shorts, and they make the “what should I wear today” scene so much shorter:) Choices of pairing ranges from a basic tee, to a long-tail blouse, to a crop top to much more. It’s a good idea to keep a pair of good black jeans, classic blue denim and another pair of you’re choosing. (Such as a bold neon color, a pattern, or light wash)

Basic Shorts:

Keep a pair of black shorts to literally wear with almost any top you wish to pair with them. Add a pair of good quality blue denim and your pretty much good to go! A pair of high waisted shorts go well with crop tops and basic shorts pair nicely with oversized sweatshirts (The light and airy ones of course! You don’t want to be sweating in the summer!) A good idea to keep in mind while shopping for shorts is versatility: Yes, that pair of Aztec printed shorts are really nice…but can you name 5 outfits you can make with those shorts? Didn’t think so!

Black Leggings:

Love these! They’re like the socially acceptable version of pajamas you can wear in public! It’s a good idea to purchase a basic pair of good quality black leggings before you buy any other crazy printed ones. You can wear these with oversized tee shirts, sweatshirts, long-tail breathable tops etc. etc. Basically, they are awesome all year long making it a good choice to buy if you want an investment that will last you multiple seasons:)


When choosing a skirt, always remember to choose the cut and the style all depending on you’re daily life and what matches the most with you, personally. Are you a girly teenage girl? Maybe a skater skirt is well fitting. Are you a business woman? Maybe a pencil skirt. (Oh and about these cliches about skirts depending on age…sorry not sorry! :p)


Day Dress:

The Little Black Dress’ day counterpart, this clothing item should be mostly casual but at the same time still structured and suitable for various occasions like a simple shift dress or a flowy sundress. Since this is only one piece and you don’t necessarily have to match a dress with much other than some simple accessories, you don’t really have to worry about simplicity with this one. Choose something that suits you’re personal style and is a dress you know you’ll end up wearing multiple times.

Little Black Dress:

Obviously, a basic wardrobes always includes a little black dress:) Being the most basic and the most classic of all dresses, it’s always a good idea to dress it up with statement jewelry to make the outfit more personalized:)

When it comes to the LBD, cut and shape of the dress is extremely important, especially because it can be such a basic dress. Find something that is original but at the same appropriate for many occasions and of good quality.

Evening Dress:

Wether it be a cocktail dress or even a ball-gown: MAKE SURE THAT ITS REALISTIC! The last think that you want is to only wear a dress once because

it wouldn’t be appropriate for more than one occasion! Instead, think of this evening dress as something very similar to the little black dress. It’s chic, it’s sophisticated…but it’s also very simple. Quoting “…one that boasts beautiful yet simple design elements, like a V-neckline, a fitted waist, and a flowy skirt will come out of the closet from time to time.” Don’t invest for something that you’ll only wear once: what do you envision when you think of a versatile evening dress? Have an idea or even research for some inspiration and an idea of what you’re looking for before you go shopping.

Fun Dress!:

Because you know it doesn’t hurt to also have a cute and unique dress;) since you already bought the dresses you’ll need, it’s really nice to have one dress that just really shows you’re personality and might not be that practical: and that’s ok in this scenario. This is basically you’re chance to go all out and make a statement when you wear this dress, no matter you’re style:) Even though you might not wear this dress much, it’s still an investment that will make you happy! 🙂


Black Flats:

When it comes to shoes, it’s always a must to have a pair of black flats. They are the more comfortable version of the classic black pumps, and are totally more versatile, as you can dress these up or down pretty easily:) Paired with either a skater dress, casual business attire, or even with leggings and a simple oversized tee shirt, basic flats are definitely a must!

Black Pumps:

These will never go out of style, as proven for a long time, now. It’s an ultimate favorite and a classic:) Black, navy, as well as nude are the basics, however cheetah print is supposedly the new black now but…might not want to get these first, as it’s mostly likely just a passing trend. Purchasing a pair of black pumps is always a good idea because it always add that extra flair to you’re outfit-not to mention that it’s extremely versatile. Day or night, casual or dressy, paired with jeans or a skirt. Black pumps go with everything, they won’t get too dirty, and they can also go from day to night. What more can you ask for? Just keep in mind that you may be spending a bit more on these, so they can really be comfortable to endure a day to night look.

Strappy Sandals

Strappy Sandals are a must the summer. It’s always best to buy either a pair of black sandals or metallic silver or gold to easily match with dresses. Make sure that they are comfortable to walk in for long periods of time: they are most of the time the go to pair of shoes in the summer for outdoor festivities and such… and you don’t want to be tired! Basic metallic is like you’re nighttime neutral, you can’t go wrong with…classic leather sandals don’t hurt to have though:)

Running Shoes

Because you know what if you want to go to a carnival or something?! Just make sure to have a good pair of running shoes handy just in case. When buying these, if you actually plan to use them for exercising or just doing some cardio, it’s a good idea to spend a bit more on these: you don’t want to hurt you’re feet with bad quality gym shoes while working out!

Winter Boots:

A pair of Uggs and you’re set for the winter. They aren’t the prettiest boots, but they will do what they are meant to do:) Have a neutral color like the original Ugg camel color or black to pair with the majority of you’re outfits.

Fashion Boots:

Ok, are the Uggs not working for you’re prettier and more…dressed up attire? Then, get a pair of fashion boots! Sure, they don’t really do much when it comes to you know…protecting you from the snow but they’re much prettier! These are probably my personal favorite shoes, which is very prevalent in my closet:p

Basically: Uggs=sure. Dr.Martens=You Go, Glen Coco!


Evening Clutch:

An evening clutch is an absolute must have when you’re out the whole day and you’re normal daytime handbag is beginning to become quite…well…cumbersome. Having a basic and versatile clutch is something that every girl should own. It’s just the right size for essentials and has a strap that’s detachable depending on how you would like to wear it:)

Leather Handbag:

Extremely long lasting, chic and never goes out of style. For these reasons and more, the leather handbag is simply a must have! As a plus, it’s large enough to fit you’re iPad and other larger items you just have to carry!

Weekender/Tote Bag:

Perfect for the beach and a casual day out, this bag can fit basically anything and is really comfortable to carry around with you. Yup. That’s mostly it for this one. It can be any color or pattern and for some reason, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing because the tote looks acceptable with anything!


You know because the protect you from the sun and it sure doesn’t hurt that they look awesome on you

Understated Jewlery:

It’s always a good idea to pick out a couple of good quality necklaces and dainty rings for work. You don’t want to overpower a suit, or make a boring outfit well…more boring. These are essentials depending on you’re life and job etc etc.


Because you know what they say: Punctuality is a virtue. And also it’s like the best layering piece with gold bangles and such..this may or may not have been said in this quote. Regardless though, watches will keep you on time and will make you look like 20% cooler! (Leave a comment below if you actually understood this childish reference:p)

Statement Necklace:

Statement necklaces are simply the best if you want to easily dress up a casual white tee and black blazer or the Little Black Dress amazing well:)

With a statement necklace, buy something that is very different, unique and 100% you’re style! It’s you’re chance to make you’re outfits…not so basic!

An Awesome Phone Case!

Because you know, we all want to have the best phone case. Moschino anyone? Oh, none of us can afford it? Oh, ok then… *slowly walks away in despair*

Ooooookkay you guys so that was my extremely long post for you guys! I literally did a complete guide of the basics and now I feel like I just wrote a whole novel! But, it was worth it, and I hope you guys find this post helpful! If you did please like, comment and follow because it makes you way cooler and maybe suggest a new topic in the comment section below that you would like me to cover next!

K bye:)



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