Drawing Series! “My Attempts At Drawing”

Hey everyone! Yesterday I posted a drawing I made inspired by an old Teen Vogue magazine and I was thinking about making a drawing series on my blog, but I wasn’t entirely sure you would like it. So, I asked you! The replies I got back on my previous post were all so positive and wonderful to read, so I will be starting the series today! I’ll probably post once a week, so please leave a comment below on what I should draw next! (Sidenote: I can’t really draw people…just saying)

So, to start today, I decided to draw the ever-so-popular Kim Kardashian Hollywood app! 20140722-124534-45934777.jpg

This literally took like the whole day to complete but In really happy with the final result:) About a couple weeks ago, someone created fan art, and somehow Kim saw it and posted it on her Twitter page! It would mean the world to me if you guys can share this on Twitter or Facebook or Reblog so the chances of her finding this drawing is better!! Anyways, I hope you liked this drawing, and see you next post!

(Oh and I’m net really sure what I want to call this series yet, so if you have any ideas please comment below! I’m thinking maybe: “Drawings by Nessa” or “My Attempts At Drawing”? I don’t know.)20140722-125043-46243513.jpg


7 thoughts on “Drawing Series! “My Attempts At Drawing”

  1. WOWZA Nessa! You are very talented and creative! “Drawings by Nessa” sounds good to me! Keep up the good work. Once a week seems like a lot of work, but if you have time, then go for it!

    ❀ carmen


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