20 Reasons why you should be happy!

Beauty By Copperstar

1) You are alive!
We should be happy every morning when we wake up. It is a true blessing to have the opportunity to enjoy a new day, so live it to the fullest!

2) You have a wonderful family and good friends
This is a perfect source of happiness. Go hug your parents, your kids, your significant others and your friends and tell them how lucky you feel to have them in your life!

3) You are healthy
One of the things in life that people appreciate the most, although usually realize it when it’s too late, is their health. If you suffer from any illness, focus on thinking that a day will come when you will recover and feel good again!

4) Every day is another chance to change your life
You have the power to change the things that you are not so happy you’ve done. Perhaps…

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