25 Facts About Me!

Hey all! So, today I wasn’t really sure what to post about, so I searched online for some inspiration:) I quickly noticed that the “25 Facts About Me” Tag was still pretty popular, so I thought I would try it as well!
I figured it would be really cool to share some facts with you guys today, so here are 25 of them:)

1) I’m either the most introverted person you will ever meet, or the most outgoing…I cannot control to be anything in between!

2) I kind of have a fear of knives…
Yup. Not spiders, not the dark or anything like that…knives:p (*good luck slicing things and making food!* I say to myself)

3) I don’t really wear makeup (I just think I’m a bit too young for it) But, I usually just wear moisturizer and red lipstick:) (love it so much!)

4) My best birthday was spent in Minnesota with my family, in mall of America! There were seriously like three or even four floors and thousands of stores!!!

5) I think I have insomnia or something and it’s really annoying to say the least. Two hours of sleep is just not enough!

6) I always prefer to listen to alternative music than pop, country etc. Although, I do like more variation as well sometimes.

7) I’m left handed:)

8) I got a C in gym this year…sad

9)My dream is to become a fashion designer. However, if that doesn’t work out, I would really love to become a magazine editor for Vogue or Elle!

10) I would much rather live in the city than the suburbs! I can’t stand the feeling of being alone, in a quiet place, and the city is always plenty loud and alive!

11) If I were to go back in time, I would choose the 1920’s! I would love to see the era where women finally get more of an equal voice in society:)

12) I will be a sophomore in high school this year:)

13) It’s the summer, yet I choose to wear fashion-boots…(I just think Fall is never really over)

14) My all-time favorite show is Lost! Favorite characters: Desmond Hume, Daniel Faraday, and Charlie Pace❤️

15) Half my closet is probably Marvel superhero related…Seriously:p

16) I have a folder filled with drawings I drew from when I was anywhere between the ages of eight up until now (I’m 15). I guess it’s just really nice to see improvement in a hobby I absolutely love:)

17) I really want Faber Castle Polycromose colored pencils…like a lot..

18) I used to draw the My Little Pony character, Fluttershy on school whiteboards, chalkboards and science desks (with the eraser of course)…basically everywhere, and everyone knew it was me that drew them:p

19) I love reading:) I read the Hunger Games at least 7 times, and The Fault In Our Stars at least 3:) I’m a huge fan of the Divergent series as well❤️

20) I hate deadlines…but I mean who doesn’t.

21) I used to have 2 blogs before this one. One I only kept for about two weeks, and then stopped because of schoolwork and such, and the second one I actually deleted because someone I knew found out about it…yeah that one wasn’t really smart. Although, I am glad that this happened, because I have finally found this amazing WordPress community and I’m here to stay!

22) If I had to choose a couple of celebrities to interview, I would probably choose either Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley, Tavi Gevinson or Ella Yelich-O’Connor (Lorde) I just think that they are all confident, headstrong inspirational women that I would want to be like as I grow up:)

23) I currently have 7 apps for photo editing on my iPhone…is that too much? :p

24) I always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and I still do:)

25) I love to write. I always have. I have also loved fashion for a really long time now. Now that I have a fashion blog, I can combine two hobbies of mine together! So, my last fact is: I am happy that I made a decision to start this blog. It has made me become a better writer, cleared my thoughts and views, and express myself…all on top of getting to know some awesome commenters who take time to read my content:) So, thank you for that!

Ok! That was a bit about me, so now in the comments below, it would be awesome to hear about you! Leave 5 Random Facts about yourself on this post, and let’s see how many we can get!
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21 thoughts on “25 Facts About Me!

  1. Couldn’t agree more with points 1 and 10. I thought I’m the only one who is extremely introverted or extremely extroverted based on the nature of people I’m with. I’m not alone. 😛 and yes the city it is for me too. Hifi.
    Random five about me.:
    1. I absolutely love ravioli. Especially mushroom ravioli.
    2. I believe I’ve had a very easy life so far when compared to my friends. That gives me peace but scares me about the future at the same time. :/
    3. Currently I’m on a new shoe spree. Hoping to God it ends soon.
    4. As soon as I enter any room I would be the first person spotting any insect which might have been hidden in some nook. 😐 soo weird.
    5. My latest venture is painting. I’m loving creating lovely art on canvas using acrylic. Acrylic is the easiest thing to work with 🙂


  2. 1. This year I’m starting to study at a school for design
    2. I want to live in London, Paris or New York one day
    3. I can play acustic guitar and now I want to lear the electric guitar too
    4. I’m obsessed with YouTubers (Bethany Mota, Zoella, Tyler, Tess Christine, ect.)
    5. My favourite singers and bands are : 1D, 5sos, Justin Timberlake, Cher Lloyd, LM and many more (I’m just obsessed with music, just like with fashion 😉 )


  3. I love the products of Faber-Castell as well. They have so much style on their own. The dark green of the pencils …. mmmm. I grew up with a Faber-Castell factory in my neighbourhood and was impressed every time I came across it.



  4. 1. I just started my sophomore year of high school
    2. I’m obsessed with acoustic guitars (I have 4 so far)
    3. My favorite bands are Arctic Monkeys and The 1975
    4. I can always be found with a book in my hand
    5. I love taking photographs of literally anything


  5. 1) I want to become a fashion journalist when I am older.
    2) I may have a slight obsession with Justin Bieber.
    3) I prefer being alone than in a group.
    4) My favourite book is The Great Gatsby.
    5) I have a cat called Fudge.


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