Just To Let You All Know: I Might Not Be Posting Much Anymore:(

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a nice day today:) I just really quickly wanted to inform you that later next month, I might not be posting as often as I usually do:( I’m going back to school in 20-something days, and I want to make sure that my full attention is on my grades. I am in no way going to quit blogging though. I really like how far my blog has come in such a short amount of time:)

I’m so happy that I have kind and genuine readers that like and comment and take the time to read my posts and give my so much positive feedback. Even though I won’t be posting every other day by the time it’s September, I might post once or twice a week:)

I just want to say thank you for helping my blog grow in such a short amount of time. It started of as just a hobby for the summer, but I now know that it is something that I want to keep up for a long time. The fact that I was able to gain 700 followers in 2 months is so amazing and I don’t want to stop blogging!

I guess I just wanted to say: I will still be here blogging, maybe not as often but I’m definitely not quitting any time soon! I hope you will still visit my blog, as I will make sure to visit you:)

I would really appreciate some ideas for my next posts as well!!! So, I would love some suggestions for some of my next fashion-related posts! Please leave them in the comments below:)



10 thoughts on “Just To Let You All Know: I Might Not Be Posting Much Anymore:(

  1. Awwww..I’ll miss your posts on my news feed. 🙂 but all the very best! Study well 😀 We ll patiently wait for you to come back 🙂
    700 in two months…woohooo…ya and me :70 in two months woohoo. LoL. More about me later. Whatever. 😛


  2. Awww II’m going to miss your daily post bit I truly understand you 🙂 you are going to be great … btw congrats for the 700 followers for 2 months … I only have like 20 for the same time but whatever… have a great day 🙂


  3. I don’t really have much of a suggestion but thought I’d share my fashion challenge to myself this month with you! I fell into a horrid ‘mommy’ rut and every single picture I have of myself the past year I am sporting a t-shirt. Not a fitted, cute, fancy t. Nope. Just a good, old, boxy cotton t. SO, the ENTIRE month of August I have vowed to not wear a t-shirt in public! And since I am in public every day…..this is day 4 and I feel better already!


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