Is This Wholesale? How To Tell!

Today, people shop for clothing looking for the style or a certain trend. There are others however that search for originality and unique pieces. It’s very important that they do not purchase anything in wholesale. Wholesale is “the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others” (google dictionary) So, to give you an example, it would be like me buying hundreds of necklaces from an online store and selling them on a different online platform like eBay or Amazon. This would be buying them in a wholesale quantity.

However, this can be done in a store as well. You can buy the items for a huge discount, and then resell them for the full price and make a profit out of it. The sort of wholesale is widely practiced. Not only with individual sellers, but even bigger retail chain stores. The products (mostly clothing and fashion jewelry) are produced thousands of times and distributed around stores and buyers. In the end? We are left with a cookie-cutter style:(

Now, I am not saying that wholesale is completely negative either! The really good about buying this way is the fact that the price is significantly lower, and the design of the clothing item can be a good as something you may have seen at Urban Outfitters. Grated, the quality isn’t as great, but the fact that you can buy clothing at up to even 80% off is amazing! This means that if one of you’re skirts is getting worn out too much, you can just pick up the identical brand new skirt you bought in wholesale!

As great as all of this sounds though, I am blogging today to talk to you about distinguishing if something actually is wholesale. Because the fact of the matter is…we all want to look unique and we want to express our individuality, and we simply cannot do this with wholesale everywhere these days. I really don’t like the idea that everything in my closet was produced for the mass market. I would much rather buy a unique one-of-a-kind clothing item from Etsy:)

It probably seems as though it is soooo easy to avoid these wholesale companies…but it isn’t. Why? Because everyone…we have: Wholesale Retailers. They are basically stores that stock up on everything wholesale and then sell them normally in a store inside a mall. It’s quite easy to distinguish which ones they are too.
So, how do you tell if you are buying items that are Wholesale?
Well, here are some things that you can look out for:

1) The term: “Wholesale designer handbags”

It’s one of the most popular searches on Google for wholesale in general and scammers know this perfectly well. They build websites with the sole intention of scamming people! I (and many other people) quickly notice a new website selling such fake handbags and after a month it’s already gone….um ok then? But only the website is gone, not the scammers! They go on to new websites and try the same tactics and start selling again, so don’t fall for it! This tip is actually a bit more obvious though: if you see the term “wholesale” and “designer” together? I mean really? It’s wholesale!

2) The Images For The Clothes:

If you go on a store website and all of the backdrops to the items are different, and all the models are also completely different? That’s a sign that it’s most likely wholesale because they are using the wholesale images. Not good!

3) The Style & Variations Of An Item:

Most wholesale stores (especially those who revolve around wholesale fashion jewelry) always have quite a similar variety of items. To give you an example: The necklaces are all a similar style, and there might be lots of different colour versions of each one. This, everyone, is usually a huge warning sign of wholesale items.

4) The Seasonal Stock:

Fashion is always changing and retail stores are changing right behind them. New trends come along and seasons come and go as well. The fist thing that you will probably notice is the style of the garments: and wholesale is almost always going to be basics. A basic tee shirt, a plain crop top, a pair of jeans. You wont see any beadwork or any intricate design that looks like it took forever to complete. Basically, they are items that are easy to mass produce in very simple design to reach as many people as possible. Hence, the rock bottom prices.

5) The Price!

This is actually the easiest way to spot fakes. Wholesale sites sell items at very low prices..but not just any items! Things that seem too good to be true like a $30 Chanel bag? Yup. It’s wholesale!

These are only a couple of tips on how to spot these wholesale items:) I hope you learned a bit more about these clothing retailers sell in mass production and where you should buy:) In my opinion, I really don’t think that you should stop buying from these sites necessarily, but I guess I see it as an item that you now thousands of others have that are exactly alike. What do you all think? I would love to hear you’re input:)


Replies Anyone?

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