Forever 21 Top 10 Wishlist!

Hey all! Hope you are having a wonderful day today, had a cup of coffee, sang a song, frolicked in a meadow etc. etc. πŸ˜€ During you’re sipping and singing and frolicking, I was hard at work (more like procrastinating but that’s ok…) on this new post I have been meaning to blog about for a while: My Forever 21 Wishlist! I was pretty much done with the post a while ago , but went back to the store yesterday, and I ended up added more to the list:) Now, it’s my Top 10!

Here they are:


1) Plaid Top Get Here
Even though this particular top does look a bit Christmas-like, with the red, I really have been wanting another plaid shirt, because I feel like they never go out of style! It’s perfect for the next season as well. I would probably wear this with a pair of leggings, combat boots and a fedora (listed as one of my top 10 as well!) I also really like that this particular type of plaid shirt from Forever 21 is supposed to be easy to iron, (I’m guessing because of the cotton:p) unlike the one I have now which gets super wrinkly really fast:(

2) Angular Ring Set Get Here
Because you know, I kind of have an obsessions with these little rings😊
Even though I have plenty of these already, and it really wouldn’t be the smartest option for me to buy them again…but they’re so I guess it’s ok…

3) Teal Nail Polish Get Here
Ah! Teal! I have been wanting a lot of teal-ish things lately: teal eyeliner, jewlery, bows, and nail polish! I really like this shade, especially because it’s apparently in for the summer right now, so added bones! πŸ™‚

4) Lace-Up Oxfords Get Here
Because these are like the best…even though it seems that a lot of you guys don’t seem to like them:( Leave a comment below telling me if you like these or not! I’m really interested in seeing how many people like these:)
I personally love this style, and they can easily be paired with so many outfits, from jeans and skirts to shorts: these burgundy lace ups are simply the best:)

5) Audrey Hepburn Tee Get Here
Yaaas Audrey Hepburn! You look so good! (If you didn’t get the reference..sorry not sorry..ok I’ll stop now!) Anyways, basically anything with Audrey printed on it is probably something I’m interested in buying:) I guess I really like to wear things that mean something more than just a basic tee shirt or an Aero tee (sorry Aeropostale…)

6) Black Fedora
Get Here

I HAVE BEEN WANTING THIS HAT FOREVER!!!! Not even exaggerating though, I need this fedora in my life.
I guess it’s just the fact that this piece is just so easy to pair with anything, you can wear it all year long, and on top of that: it always makes an OOTD post 1000% better!

7) Faux Leather Combat Boots Get Here
I’ve really been loving combat boots this past year, and these would be a lovely addition to my little collection:)
I really like to have basic colored boots that are still pretty and trendy (not so boring, and snow-boot like), and these are exactly the ones I want:) I might need to wait a while longer to actually wear them, but once Fall comes along, I’m sure they will appear in stores again:)

8) Marvel SnapBack Get Here
Because I kind of have a Marvel obsession right now…seriously. I currently have 6 clothing items of Marvel, and obviously I have no plan of stopping! Also, I really like snapbacks and I only have 2 right now, so a Marvel one to add to my closet of 2 lonely caps? That would be nice…reaaallly niiiiccceee….(sorry that was weird)

9) Faux Leather Skirt Get Here
I’ve actually been wanting one of these for quite some time now. I first saw one I really liked at JcPenny in the Mango section:) Something about a leather skirt looks so perfect for a grunge-style outfit as well. (Oooh, how punk rock of me:p)

10) Plaid Dress Get Here
Now, for this one, I actually saw it yesterday when I went to F21 and I really liked it because it looked like the modern schoolgirl outfit:) The model on the front store window wore this dress with black tights, some combat boots and a fedora, and I loved it!


*By the way, as a little disclaimer, I’m in no way being sponsored by Forever 21 for this post. (Although that would be awesome if I would get the oppertinity!) I’m just a teen who loves her some F21:D Bye, guys:)*


8 thoughts on “Forever 21 Top 10 Wishlist!

  1. I like the lace up oxfords too. Last year I found a pair if shiny black ones at goodwill and they look great with black skinny jeans.


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