Vogue Actually Features Models On Their September Issue! Say What?!

OMG you guys! I was just on BryanBoy’s Instagram (he’s like a super famous fashion blogger if for some weird reason you don’t already know!), and I was looking through his photos; you know all casually though…not like a stalker…;ANYWAYS!!!: I seriously freaked out when I saw that this years Vogue September Issue was on his Instagram for 1st of all: super early, and the refreshing…MODELS on the cover! Yep! You heard right! This month, models takes the place of a singer or an actress on the front cover of Vogue! BryanBoy was also seemingly excited, as his caption read: “Blockbuster American vogue cover!!!! Bravo! Blew everyone out of the water! Return to fashion!!!! Models!!”


It really is a breath of fresh air when you see a model on the front cover of Vogue as if it were the 80’s again or something:) I mean seriously though, every month and every year we have become so accustomed to celebrities being on the cover of every Fashion magazine. Singers, Actresses, um…yeah sure you too Kim Kardashian.. have been featured on the covers of Vogue magazine. It’s understandable too though: recognizable celebrities sell issues…it’s most of the time true. And, granted the models on the cover are also celebrities themselves as well..but still!

For people who truly love the fashion industry, having models back on the covers of Vogue like old times is either a great nostalgic feeling for adults and a breath of fresh air for some change for teens:)

So, to Anna Wintour: Thank you for hearing our silent “more models” plea! (You’re the best!)
Now, she’s put a bunch of them on this months issue! Oh but not any issue! The one and only….September cover!!! (I literally cannot even describe how much I want this magazine that it’s like…crazy) *silently prays for a cover because I’m a child with no money* (Oh hey there Mother….😏)

Anyways, more about the cover! “The Insta Girls! Models of the moment in the clothes of the season” as it’s cover title, and Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss are are on the front! Eeekk! *has major fangirl moment*

Oh and there’s even more news as well! Is you’re favorite model not on featured? Are you surrree!!?? Well, check again! Fashionista reported that they actually got word the cover is…a giant pull-out (you know like a pamphlet, 3 panel sort of thing?), and also features modes Arizona Muse, Edie Campbell, Imaan Hammam, Fei Fei Sun, Vanessa Axente and Andreea Diaconu!!!

You might recall that in 2004, (not me though, I was too young to remember:p), Vogue used the same cover and pull-out technique for its September issue, and also featured a number of top models including Gisele Bundchen, Liya Kabede, Daria Werbowy, and Karen Elson. Heres an example of this “pull-out magazine cover”:

(The September 2004 issue of ‘Vogue’. Photo: Steven Meisel / ‘Vogue‘)

So, you see everyone…obviously this is a HUGE change for Vogue to be making, as they go back to their models on the covers. But, you may be asking: “Why the drastic change?” Well, I mean I guess it could have a little to do with all of the negative, (if over-dramatic, I must note) reactions it got from the hardcore fashion fans this year when Vogue decided it would featured Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover….ok it had a LOT to do with this! It seems Vogue could be trying to make amends with the September issue, which should be hitting newsstands any day now.

What do you think about the September issue cover? Are you happy to see models are back? Would you rather see celebrities back to being featured instead? Comment below what you think! πŸ™‚



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