…So Then I Wore Army Pants and Flip Flops!

Does that Mean Girls reference ring a bell? Well, it inspired me to write this post today all about finding you’re own personal style and being yourself.
If you’ve ever watch mean girls (And I mean really who haven’t!) then you might remember the remark “So then I wore army pants and flip flops”: because a girl in school saw one of the popular “Plastics”, Caddy Haren wearing them. As much as many just find that another funny line in a movie, I can’t help but think that it’s like this in real life… in a much smaller scale? Yes. But, still girls copy other girls to fit in or whatnot. So today, I’m sharing with you: how to find you’re personal style:

Have you ever watched the show New Girl? Then you might soon catch on that just like actors in movies and TV shows, the clothes you wear help to define your personality or character to those around you. Just like in this show, Jess- a teacher- is clearly shown because of here colorful, and happy vibe her clothing gives off. Knowing the “character” you’re trying to portray is a great first step in identifying your signature style, so keep character in mind.

One thing that I cannot simply stress enough is this: You don’t need to follow every new trend to be fashionable. Find the ones that work with your style and for your personality. Seriously you guys: don’t wear something you don’t like just because it’s a trend!!

Keep in mind as well that your hair style is just as much a part of your signature style as are your clothes. Learn to work with it rather than against it, and make you’re hair match you’re personal look:)

“Style is not just in what you wear, it’s in the music you listen to, the perfume you choose, the way you hold yourself and an overall “life style” that you portray.”–blogher.com
I just think that you should all keep this in mind when figuring out you’re own style: don’t force it just because it looks cool and make sure that you keep it so that it looks normal for you’re everyday life.

Most importantly, wear what makes you happy and leave the house confident and ready to take on the world! Leave a comment below if you know what defines you and you’re style! I would love to know:)


9 thoughts on “…So Then I Wore Army Pants and Flip Flops!

  1. I’m remembering the time in school that my mother asked me, “If all those girls shaved their heads and said it was cool, would you shave your head just to be cool? No you won’t, because you don’t have the head to pull it off! No one does!” πŸ˜€

    Love the Mean Girls reference, very thought (and memory)-provoking! Thanks for this great post, you brightened up my day!


  2. Your blog is super cute! Your posts seem really thought provoking and the layout is adorable, I love it!(:

    xoxo, Kayla


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