My Monthly Obsessions!


I’m back! I can’t believe it has only been a week I’ve gone without posting, but it feels like it’s been so long! (Before continuing with this post, I would just like to say that I am not blogging less frequently now because I’ve lost interest, but simply because I’ve started school again:( Even though I probably won’t be posting as often anymore, I will still continue on, even if I only have time to post once a week:))
Anyways, after a long first week back in high school…*ew…*, I finally get to post again today, so I’ll try to make this a good one:) I’ve been waiting and planning to do this post for so long now and after months, since it’s the last day of August, I figured it was the perfect time for a “Monthly Favorites” post! The things I list here will not necessarily be clothing/makeup products I’ve worn, but rather things, trends, and basically anything else in fashion I have been inspired by or have loved this month! (Kind of like a monthly Moodboard…but more like an obsession board, let’s be honest here:p )


Trompe L’Oeil:

I have always admired designers who have an eye for intricate design and small details. On the same note however, I have recently been really intrigued by this “Trompe-l’œil” style which is actually an old art form that was made popular in the Baroque period.

It was (and is) often employed in murals. A typical trompe-l’œil mural might depict a window, door, or hallway, intended to suggest a larger room. Impressions of a greater space.

The term ” Trompe-l’œil” originated in France, meaning “to deceive the eye.” I think that it’s just the fact of how Italian Renaissance artists had such a superior understanding of perspective to achieved these beautiful paintings illusionistic ceiling paintings. Andrea Mantegna (1431–1506) and Melozzo da Forlì (1438–1494), were some of these exceptional artists to name a few.

I am really drawn to this style of art, that is basically a huge step-up when it comes to you’re everyday visual illusion. THIS beautiful art form is used to trick the eye into perceiving a painted detail as a three-dimensional object. It’s more than an optical illusion drawn on the sidewalks in the city, and more than historic murals though…it’s the revival of an art form turning into fashion. It’s fresh, it’s brilliant, and it’s surprisingly modern! (given it’s ancient origin of roughly 70 AD)

So, go look up some Trompe-l’œil murals, sidewalk paintings and fashion designs! You’ll be impressed by their illusions and amazingness:)


The Lust List

Okay so this is just pure amazingness, and I knew I had to share with you all. A very talented human being by the name of Sally Spratt has made one of the most fashionable art Instagram accounts ever! (And her 49K followers agree as well)

On her account, you will find Polyvore-looking type of drawings, high end shoes and apparel and some of her sketches that were even featured in big brand sites and magazines such as Bazaar!
She started drawing these clothing items, shoes, bags etc., saying “If I can’t have them, I’ll draw them” I think that it is a great way for a person to live vicariously through wealthy and fashionable people or “lust” by drawing all things fashion!

Now, the one thing that I really love about her account is the fact that all of her drawing are hand drawn and colored in pastels and watercolors, rather than drawn digitally in Photoshop or another drawing software. Being someone who loves to draw, and hand draws as well, I sometimes think that it’s a bit too old and less people appreciate this kind of art anymore. However, when I see her account, I am reminded that I can still make fashion sketches in pen and paper just fine:) So, thanks Sally!

You can find her on Instagram @_thelustlist_
And her website here:


Balmain…Balmain Everywhere…

I don’t know if it was Rosie Huntington-Whitely or the Kardashian family, but this is no doubt: a really good year for Balmain, sales wise it’s year! Both of their recent collections (Ready-To-Wear and Resort) had comepletely different asthetics, yet both were such a huge hit!

My favorite look out of the collections would definitely have to be the cheetah print and studded dress from Ready to Wear. (The one Cara Delevinge wore on the spreads) I really love the military look, but at the same time I really like the fresh new take on Native American design in Resort 2015. I love the whole beaded embroideries, arrow-patterned stitching and various knits. And a refresh on a pancho? Yes please!

All in all, an applause to Olivier Rousteing for making two consecutive successful collections in a row! Totally my favorite designer this month:)


Mid 1980’s fashion is coming back! Not any 80’s fashion though…extravagant and fun…Carrie Bradshaw clothing is back! Yup. That’s right, I am currently loving this no-fear style and patiently waiting for the next Carrie Diaries season to be available on Netflix:)
And it’s a good thing that this way of dressing is slowly creeping back on us to fight back the boring “Normcore” people. :p (If you would like to read, I have a post about Normcore somewhere are this blog!)

Anyways, I was always super inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s style and personality. When I first started watching the show, I was only watching it because I heard it was a great choice for style inspiration. (And it totally was!) Now, I watch the show loving the characters…and am obsessed with it! So, if you haven’t watch the Carrie Diaries yet, go and watch it! It’s such a great show:)


Christian Dior Fall 2014 Collection Heels

There really isn’t much to say about a pair of heels, but I love how they look! I think it’s how the bottom trim of the heel resembles the bottom of a running shoe? They look very modern, athletic and are definitely something we haven’t seen before!
*secretly wondering if Jennifer Lawrence wore these when she wore her Dior dress:p*

And for my last obsession this month…



Fashion magazines are still existent everyone! Don’t ignore them, because they really are sooooo useful for getting fashion inspiration from, not to mention a great update on trends and new collection!

I feel like magazines are really focusing on their online presence a lot lately…and it looks as if a lot of these companies are now exclusive “online-only” magazines”. I guess that it makes sense, living in a digital age and all, but I can’t help but feeling really sad if magazines stop printing one day and go full digital:(

As my personal small retaliation to this realization, I got 4 fashion magazine subscriptions…is that too much? Probably, but that’s quite ok, because they were all free! I got magazines like Elle, Teen Vogue and Glamour all for free with free shipping from a website called RecycleBank:) So, if you want some free magazines, go check out this amazing site I am now obsessed with!

Soooo, what are you’re monthly favorites? Inspirations, new music or shows? Share them down below, I would love to hear! 🙂



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