5 Reasons Why We All Need A Quirky Clutch In Our Lives…


When it comes to what we wear, we’re almost always leaning towards the pretty, the chic, and the conservative/sophisticated or…bland and predictable looks (in a much more realistic sense)
Similarly, however, I bet that we all sometimes want our wardrobes to be at least a little more quirky, fun and Carrie Bradshaw or Jessica Day-like:) (At lest I would!)

So, today I am here blogging to you through my cellular device of typingness (Yes, I know it’s weird that I don’t blog on a laptop, but I can never seem to get anything done, if I’m not typing on my phone:p)
to persuade you all to take part in wearing my favorite out-there trend of the moment: Quirky clutches:) Because, seriously you guys…why not? There are literally watermelon clutches, piano clutches and even book clutches, and all of us who do not have these are probably missing out. Here are 5 Reasons why you should invest in one of these clutches:


1)It’s fun to stand out sometimes!

Do you really want to blend in all of the time, or do you want to be “That girl in the grocery store with the awesome bag”? I’m taking the wild guess and saying it’s the latter.

To many of us, we overcomplicate trying to stand out with personality changes, a different style that isn’t you’re own or anything else really…but it’s really easy to positively stand out and still be yourself! There literally has to be a quirky clutch to match every girl’s personally! (I’m actually pretty confident there is though: if you like history or you’re a history teacher? Guess what? There’s a Trojan Horse clutch waiting for you! Pictured above!)


2) Because fashion is about taking risks!

Fashion isn’t about fitting into a style, but making you’re own! Taking risks is a huge part when it comes to figuring out you’re personal style as well. So, even though you might be a bit hesitant when considering a bit “outlandish” type of bag, just know that it will-at the least-be on you’re list of: “Well, at least I tried it”!

As a plus, being able to take fashion risks is proven to be a a very good way to gradually grow into a more stylish and outgoing/ confident person as studies have shown. This is probably because you slowly start to get over you’re fear of what other people think of you when you step of out the “fashion norm” or whatnot.


3) It makes a boring outfit 1000x better!

It really does do wonders to an everyday outfit! Even if you think that you’re look of the day is rather bland and boring or even a little too down-to-earth, I guarantee you that this won’t be a problem any more, when you’re bag becomes the focal point of you’re outfit! While these clutches may seem like foreign object when compared to the rest of your wardrobe, they can actually fit in quite seamlessly. And keep in mind that they’re only accessories, so you can always take them off of you don’t feel comfortable walking around in public with a watermelon slice as a purse. (But seriously, why wouldn’t you want to be seen with it!?)


4) It could makes someone’s day:)

To be honest, just seeing someone with a cereal box recycled clutch would totally make my day! :p
It’s just something about seeing things that you normally wouldn’t see otherwise that always seems to make people happy that I love.
The simplest and sometimes the things that are soooo out of context makes peoples day, if you notice. So, naturally, you might even seem more approachable, and easy going:)


5) You could be the one to set the trend for you’re city!

A lot of people are sometimes scared to start a new trend, but can you imagine how cool it would be if you would be the one to bring these into style in you’re area?! These clutches are currently all over the style scene, but to people that don’t keep up with trends very often, this up and coming one isn’t really considered mainstream or a “thing” yet…and wouldn’t it be absolutely tragic if it faded away? Never having it’s moment to shine would be so sad! So, dare to start this trend in you’re city! Be the change you wish to see in the world…even though Gandhi probably didn’t have this exact context in mind, but…yeah it’s still relevant…

So, what do you think? Did I convince you to join the quirky clutch team of exclusiveness and glitter and amazingness? I think I did…😏
Tell me in the comments below you’re quirkiest/cutest clothing item/accessory/pair of shoes etc! I’m curious to know!

*Warning: A clutch that is too quirky can cause-but is not limited to-obsession, over attachment, making you’re outfit look too good, and…people will probably stare at you’re bag…a lot. Use at you’re own risk.*


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