Monique Lhuillier Spring’15 NYWF Collection: My Review!


Monique Lhuillier has officially mastered the art of the beautiful evening gowns…it’s like a fact now. So, I just have to review her Spring’15 collection, that was ultra feminine and perfectly chic in every way. Here’s some info and my review of Monique’s most recent collection.

To start, I know that many people (including myself) are always interested in learning about a designers inspiration. Well, it comes to a very small surprise when I say that like many labels this year, Monique decided to give an elegant- vacation type of look. For Lhuillier, it was the Bahamas. It is also good to note that this season, her focus shifted completely to daywear. (Complete shocker right?)
“I really wanted to grow that category and dress my customer earlier,” she said. Now this makes total sense. It’s a wise move to attract a broader audience to become commercially successful. Looking from the outside, I think that she delivered this switch very well.

To go back to her inspiration, she was really inspired from her recent trip to Harbour Island ;in the Bahamas.) “When the sun rose over the ocean, the sky turned beautiful shades of blush and lavender, and there was this reflective quality to the water,” she explained. “I wanted to instill that sparkle in every piece.”


The concept was straightforward on a neoprene dress printed with a shimmering sunrise landscape, while an iridescent-like silk skirt and a shimmering silk dress were a bit more avant-
garde. A perfect balance to the collection:)

Monique Lhuillier once said that her goal was to deliver the unexpected. So, it was evident when season after season, she does just that (see her most recent bridal show, to see what I mean!). After showcasing a darker, grunge fall/winter 2014 collection earlier this year, with skulls intricately embroidered onher cocktail dresses, Lhuillier took a full on 180-degree turn, working once again to make one iridescent, eye-catching, feminine spring/summer 2015 collection!

The label also experimented with new techy fabrics, like the “liquid satin” on the bust of a cocktail dress, which resembled metal when it caught the light. (I could only imagine how beautiful it was live!) There were even luminous threads on the cuffs of a sheer lace blouse; layered over a black bandeau, it was one of the collection’s most accessible pieces, as you all might notice as well.

“There are a lot of separates, so you can just buy a few items to update your wardrobe,” Lhuillier explained. However, when she says “separates” don’t think that this translates to casual….doesn’t! Even the rompers and shorts were done in a certain structured way, that it wasn’t exactly ready-to-wear.


It’s definitely a more playful side of Monique, but is also very modern, and new. To achieve a look of “light,” Lhuillier worked with liquid satin, super reflective lamé, shimmery embroidery, and holographic fabrics to achieve an perfect amount of high-shine luminosity throughout.

Oh, but don’t think that the sparkle stopped at just the clothes! It was wonderfully carried over to the makeup! “We decided to take the shimmer out of the confetti in the dresses,” she explains, “and put them on the eyes, for added sparkle.” Love it!

To mention the closing looks…well they were obviously the most crowd pleasing. They included a beautiful array of evening gowns in the typical Monique style—lots of intricate beading, flower petals, and sequins. But underneath each A-line skirt was a rainbow of sherbet-colored tulle layers, (which created the same amazing effect as an island sunrise!) It was these details that made this one of Lhuillier’s more memorable collections, I’m sure.

I think that the most noticeable trend the we can take home from this collection was the pastels! We’ve definitely seen many other designers including this pastel trend on the runways so far this season, so I think it’s safe to say that this may be an upcoming trend. Regardless, Monique Lhuillier featured some of the prettiest shades of pink, green and blue yet!


And now for the grand finale to this amazing princess-like collection? Well, how about flower-shaped cellophane confetti for a magical end to the show?! It ended up unintentionally adding yet another layer of sparkle:)

The dresses were straight out of a fairytale book, and the girls all came out of the catwalk basically blinding the audience because the light shining on the cellophane! Well, I guess this fairytale wasn’t completely perfect! “It’s about the idea of expect the unexpected. Now you see it, now you don’t. It’s a little bit of magic.” They covered. Overall, I really loved this collection and happy the cameras could still capture the luminous fabrics to justice:)

Sooo, what do you all think of this collection?! I loved it:) Comment below!!!



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