Fashion Blog Tag!

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a while having a lot of homework in school lately:( I was however tagged to do the new Fashion Blog Tag by StyledBySteph96, though! So, here’s my little post for this:)


1) Who is you’re celebrity style icon?

Lily Collins, by far! It’s much more when she dresses up for an event (red carpet and such) than her regular street style though. I really like her overall simplistic style consisting of various skinny jeans, boots and coats…and I love her makeup! (And her iconic eyebrows, mind you, I simply would not forget)

I guess the main reasons she’s my personal celebrity style icon is because she is always dressed up, no matter how small the occasion! She seemingly also doesn’t have fear when it comes to setting new trends and standing above the rest of the crowd:)


2) What are you’re top favorite stores?

Forver 21, Wet Seal and & H&M, in that order:) I thinks it’s pretty safe to say that 75% of my closet is made up of clothing from these stores! (Especially Forever 21!)


3) Store you usually browse but don’t buy?

Charlotte Russe by far! I’m not really sure why this always seems to happen, but you know when you walk by a store in the mall and you’re all like: “Hey the store window has some really nice clothes, let’s shop here!” and so you end up going into the store and realize that you don’t like ANY ITEM unless it’s arranged in that specific way like at the front of the store?! …maybe that’s just me…I always end up buying their jewelry though:)


4) Favorite trends?

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a trend, but rather more of a style. Either way, I’ve really been into the Grunge look lately, and I’m filling up my phone with so many Grunge-style Moodboards lately! I love the red and black plaid tops, layering, band shirts and high waisted shorts look.

I think it really goes along with a whole different style followed by even music taste which I think is really cool how you can translate that onto the clothes you wear:) A couple things from this particular style/trend that’s on my wish list is definitely a leather-type skirt and a black fedora:)

5) Least favorite trends?

Oh! For this one, I actually wrote a whole post about, a whole back:) You can check it out if you’d like here: 15 Things I Wouldn’t Wear Tag.


6) Last thing you bought?

Hmm…I believe the last thing I bought was probably a magazine. Yup, I recently got the most recent September issue of Elle and Glamour:)

Now, I Tag these 10 Bloggers to continue the tag:

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6) ScewItImFierce
7) AllThingsRecessionista
8) FromGoodToGreatBlog
9) TheCatsMeoww
10) LizLizavete



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