Lafayette148 Fall 2014 Collection: My Review:)

A couple of days ago, I attended the Lafayette148 Fall 2014 Collection debut at Nordstrom, and it was amazing! Creative director/designer Edward Wilkerson gave personal style advice after the show, and I was able to quickly get a photo with him:)

The collection was so amazing, and I really wanted to do a review on this line but I didn’t get the chance to take clear photos of the models:( Sooo, this review will include the official designer photos from


When I see this collection as a whole, I think it’s all in a timeless and classic design, that will no doubt have exceptional commercial success. You can really see how the designer takes a woman’s needs into account while designing, making every item comfortable, practical and interchangeable for multiple outfit combinations. Every piece in this collection will fit perfectly into the lifestyle of the real woman, and I think that this is something that the designer has mastered the most. Not many designers take the public’s opinion into account as much as Wilkerson does, and I think that why we are exceedingly pleased with every new collection he releases.
(Oh and as a fun fact: the fabrics are Italian:) Oh so fancy!)

First Look: This look to me shows the ultra-feminine working woman and I think that the image was captured extremely well. I love the coat and the top goes very well with the heels, making the outfit a 10 for work:)

Second Look: This look features the trendy Ombré, with a palette perfect for the fall: a camel brown, beige and a beautiful cadet grey shade. I remember Wilkerson mentioning that this is one of the looks where he was able to translate his art canvas and bring it to life onto his designs. The result of this is a more personal design and we get to see the designers aesthetic much more apparent in these designs. I really love the suede pant, and I think that it’s interesting how this color can be used in addition to the ombré and still work with the outfit perfectly. Bonus points for the unique zipper design!

Third Look: I really like the longer look of the cardigan, and the contrasting shade of the pockets give the look more design than the average sweater for the fall season. I truly like how the outfit looks on the model as a whole and the fabrics that were used were some that I personally haven’t seen much of, which I think will make this outfit stand out very well. That being said though, I’m having trouble thinking of where this outfit could be worn. I would probably take advantage of the interchangeable nature of the pieces and create a more practical outfit:) Still, it’s a really pretty design.

First Look: When I see this look, I can’t believe how well the designer was able to create an all-red outfit and still manage to make it ultra-chic, trendy and most importantly: practical. Leather and red are two upcoming trends this season, and I think the combination of the two work extremely well. I also think that his use of this type of leather (the one that gives a more distressed or edgy texture look) was a perfect choice to contrast the coat that was more on the girly side giving the look altogether a fun mashup of edge to a rather feminine look.

Second Look: Royal blue and black are two colors that I rarely like to see together. However, I really like this outfit and the colors just work together and I’m not completely sure why the color combination just works for me here! This look definitely encompasses the aesthetic of classic practicality that will fit right into a woman’s closet and lifestyle.

Third Look: I absolutely loooove this
design, despite it being so simplistic. A-line skirts are forever in, and crop tops are ultra-trendy right now. Mix the two and add Lafayette elegance to this look and you get a beautiful royal blue outfit perfect for this fall!

First Look: I am a really big fan when it comes to long sweaters you can wear with a pair of leggings. But, I always prefer the thinner fabrics, because they still have a pleasing silhouette to them. So, when I saw this look, it was perfection! I especially love the pants paired with this black sweater. I think the design and the colors used flowed very well into the rest of the collection adding to the sense of interchangeability.

Second Look: We have all seen our share of the all-white trend going around, but how about all-beige? I think this look is the perfect transition of the trend, but using beige instead of white is much more appropriate for the season. You can easily pair any of the pieces with a darker color as well, if this outfit is a bit to bright for you:)

Third Look: (just realized I used this photo twice! Oh well, I guess you can see how much I like this outfit then!)

Like the designs as much as I do? Them be sure to check them out at either HERE, HERE or HERE 🙂



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