5 Reasons You Should Start A Fashion Blog!


Hey there everyone! For today’s post, I wanted to do something to ease out of all of the fashion week reviews I’ve been posting lately, and decided to make one of my favorite kinds of posts: lists! It seems to me that you guys like these kind of posts a bit more, and I love writing them!

I’ve really been a bit busy with school lately and catching up on some work/keeping my grades up etc. etc. (I know I always bring this up but it’s true) and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with my blog and post as much as I did in the summer. I post far less frequently now (just look on my calendar widget on this blog, and you’ll see what I mean) even though I want to keep writing more content and interact with the blog community much more than I have been. So, this post is for every blogger who wonders if they should continue blogging despite their schedules and responsibilities: and the answer I’ll always give you is: YES! Here’s 5 Reasons Why:

1) You Learn About The Industry With A Fashion Blog
I can totally back this up when I say that before I had this blog, more than half of the things I know today about fashion (fabric types, styles, designers etc) I didn’t have knowledge of. So I think that if you want to become a designer, or work for any fashion related job, I highly suggests making a blog because you naturally begin to learn more as you go. For example, when writing a review for Fashion Week, I would have to read about the designer, their aesthetic, inspirations for at least an hour. Why? Well there two reasons:

1) I started this blog to self teach myself on fashion and so I want blogging to be a learning experience…research is key!

2) My reviews are put online for the public and I want to make sure that I give you guys to most accurate review I can possibly make:)

So, start a blog for the education it is bound to bring you!

2) You Make Connections And Friends!
Blogging can open you up to many new people that share the same interests as you, and you get the opportunity to learn from them and become friends! The one thing I really enjoy about posting about fashion is knowing that the blogosphere is full of potential blog partners, that you can create amazing content with. (Like guest posts for example.) Because it is always so much more fun to share you’re writing publicly than keeping it to yourself!

3) You Can Look Back On You’re Writing
I think of my blog as a fashion journal because I get to go back and read my past thoughts and inspirations just like a diary. Being able to go back and revisit old posts can actually give you more insight to who you were and who you want to be in the future. At times, you can take you’re writing and realize things that you had forgotten about yourself: but it’s all there for you to always look back on.

4) You Become A Better Writer
This is a huge reasons to start a blog (or a fashion blog for this post’s case) because you slowly start to add more fashion terminology into you’re blogger vocabulary which not only makes you sound smarter (which is already awesome when you can sound all Anna Wintour but whatever) but in turn can make people take you’re posts more seriously.
In addition to this, you can improve you’re sentence structure, grammar, punctuation etc etc. which are always good skills to have.

5) Having A Fashion Blog Proves You Have A Passion/Are Committed To The Industry
I truly believe that the best thing you can do if you want to break into the fashion industry is to show that you are committed. Having a blog that you have to update regularly with quality content shows you are passionate about fashion and are proving that you are a hard worker. Being 15 right now, I think that I can potentially show this blog to fashion schools I’ll apply to in a couple of years because it demonstrates years of learning/self-teaching about fashion:)

So, those were my 5 reasons but there are so many more good points to starting a fashion blog! Do you have a style blog? Share you’re reasons below! I would ❤ to hear:)



4 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should Start A Fashion Blog!

  1. This post definitely has some truths. The main reason I wanted to start a blog was to learn about the fashion industry and it is very true that blogging does help with that! Blogging does also make me a better writer, I haven’t been blogging for but so long but I feel that I can learn a lot from it and the people in the blogging community. Great post! ♥

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  2. I love this! I started blogging 3 years ago as an awkward 11 year old who knew nothing about fashion or writing and now I’m 14 and writing for magazines and starting my own clothing line. I learned so much just by starting a blog and met so many great new people and have been given so many opportunities because of blogging. Starting a fashion blog is a great experience and I encourage anyone to do it!

    Cartier Dior

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    1. Wow thats amazing! You are definetly an inspiration to me then:) Im 15 and i hope i can accomplish what you have done one day as well! Any tips you can share to make it in the industry? I would really appreciate it!


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