Art Deco Moodboard- A Ring for the Fall Season

Hey there everyone! Today, I have a quick little inspiration post/Moodboard type of day. The theme? Art Deco!
I am so excited to share with you this board I created inspired by This website is a huge online auction marketplace, that sell a variety of jewelry that are all really unique and one of a kind:)

The challenge was to create an outfit inspired by a piece of jewelry found on the website or make a collage centered around an idea/aesthetic. And…it has to be a ring! I was super thrilled to participated in the project, and so inspired for this post!

For this post, my Moodboard is centered around this beautifully crafted art-deco ring from Barcelona.

I chose this ring to be the center of my Moodboard because out of all of the rings in their art-deco category, this one just screams 1920’s Great Gatsby to me! I love the bold mixture of gold and silver diamonds with the blue spinel in the center. It’s fun, unique and a glamorous vintage piece that is perfect for a person who loves the art-deco era as much as I do:) (And it fits right into the fall season with a bright spin to earthy tones)

Shop RINGS from!
The Invaluable site HERE

I know that this was a short post guys, but I don’t want to bore you with my usual long musings and rants etc etc. Any suggestions for my next posts would be awesome and gladly accepted!



Replies Anyone?

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