What’s You’re Fashion Dream Team?

I was asked by Miss Emma Carter of co-working company, WE WORK to participate in a fashion challenge! It was to make my own Dream Team Event, with every fashion designer I would dream of collaborating together. I’ve always thought about how amazing it would be to work in the fashion industry, and which designers I would dream of working with. Who would be in my designer dream team? Where would they come together and collaborate to think of amazing designs? Well, to better imagine my perfect fashion scene, co-working company WeWork can better make this dream come to life! Now, WeWork is in charge of making the perfect office spaces to fit you’re needs. So you: can be inspired! They have a variety of locations available in the most fashion-forward cities that so can totally see only the top designers collaborating in! I was taking a look at their locations page, and I instantly noticed one space that would be perfect for my designer dream team: Bryant Park, New York!


I love the open space and the overall style that this space gives! The location is perfect for designers to collaborate in, being only one of many reasons:) Be sure to check out their locations HERE!

The Design Team:


Tom Ford: I simply cannot have a complete dream team without including the most know fashion designer in the industry! I absolutely love the elegance and modern looks he creates every season, that are practical for the every day woman. Independently or with Gucci, he’ll never disappoint.

Kate Spade: We need Kate Spade to add the quirky and fun/young side to the designs! Whenever I think of Kate Spade, I think of a really fashionable first grade teacher…and Lauran Conrad…obvi.

Dolce and Gabbana: The best power duo anyone could ask for, when it comes to fashion. Their designs are beautiful, elegant and their advertisements are always much more compelling and tell a story in contrast to other designers!

Stacey Bendet: Well, I simply had to include Stacey for the reason that Alice and Olivia is my favorite label in the fashion industry by far! I love every design that seems like a matured children’s fantasy book:) Does that make sense? I don’t know…

Karl Lagerfeld: You simply cannot have a complete design team unless Karl is present. I really love how he can create classic designs for Chanel and still manage to switch to his own personal aesthetic for his own collections. He would probably be the team’s leader!

Yves Saint Lauren: A classic choice, but simply a must. I would love to have a team with experienced designers with a great fashion sense, hence Yves Saint Lauren:) Femininity and practicality are prevalent in most of his designs, and well…he’s a fashion legend.

Jason Wu: I love the sophistication Jason always conveys in his designs, whether it be high end or for department stores, he always manages to make both with top quality and designs. Best known for his dresses specially designed for Michelle Obama, he would definitely be included in my dream team!

Christopher Bailey: Because seriously what is better than Burberry? Huge dreams to meet him:)

Valentino Garavani: A legend, widely known worldwide and probably the designs that seem the most intricate and original every season with different inspirations and always surprising:)

So, these are my favorite designers I would dream of having in my design team, now what are yours? I would love to hear! Leave it in the comments below:)


Replies Anyone?

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