Update: New Website Design Changes!

Ello fellow citizens of the blogosphere! I really quickly wanted to let you all know about the new additions I recently added to my blog. For a long time now, I have been getting quite bored of my original theme I started my blog with, and I felt like it didn’t have enough customizable features to make the design…me:) However, I recently found a new design added to the WordPress free templates and I absolutely love it!

One of the things I really wanted to point out that was quite a change to my blog was the “Runway Reviews” tab. I’m really excited because of this, because I took about a week or more scaling and cropping all of my posts and adding then to this…portfolio page! Basically, now you can see all of my fashion reviews in one place:) I think that sometimes in a blog, it can become hat to find a certain post, so I hope that this is somewhat helpful. Here’s how the design looks now, for the review page:

You can find it here <- 🙂

Also, I added a Drawings page to keep all of my fashion drawings in one place:) That page is right here <-

Okay you guys, just quickly wanted to let you guys know, and I really wanted to make sure that you knew this if you usually go on the Reader to see my blog and don't see the pages:)
Have a nice day! (Planning on posing something tomorrow)



Replies Anyone?

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