1,000 Followers!? Thank You So Much!

OMG! I would just really like to take the time to thank you all, because I just reached the 1,000 mark follower count, and I didn’t even realize it until today! Thank you all so much, I really appreciate all of the support and kind comments I receive through the blogosphere and I appreciate every single follower, because I know that you actually come back and read my site which makes me fell extra special๐Ÿ˜Š I’ve been so busy with school lately and I don’t post as much as I would like anymore, but knowing that you guys are still visiting my blog is just something that I never believed would happen:) So, thank again for reading this little WordPress blog and for taking me to 1,000!



11 thoughts on “1,000 Followers!? Thank You So Much!

    1. Thank you! And what I would say to any new fashion bloggers is definetley be yourself and always stay true to youre style in your posts. Generally, always be yourself! Also, i would say just to never get discouraged and give up on a bad day, or a day you are frustrared because you dont know what to post. Dont give up, keep posting and be yourself! Also, take advantage of the wonderful community the blogosphere is because you can make some genuine friendships here:)
      Best of luck to you and youre blogging!

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