Follow Party! WordPress Meetup

Hey there everyone! I noticed that a lot of you guys really enjoyed my last meetup post, so here is my second one as promised:)
Basically, you can promote you’re blogs here, and follow those in the comments you have similar interests with! So feel free to promote you’re blog so we can all follow each other! 😀


5 thoughts on “Follow Party! WordPress Meetup

  1. Hey Everyone! I am a young girl who writes a small little blog 🙂
    I write all different posts, from beauty and fashion to lifestyle and reviews on all different things, books, TV Shows and even movies.
    I would really appreciate you taking a quick look at my blog! Erin x

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  2. Hey guys! I have a lifestyle blog with celeb news, indie artist, fashion and more! You can follow me! I’ll follow bk! I am looking for more fb likes and ig follows as well: and!

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