Is Being Fashionably Early the New Late?


Tired of investing on an item, an then realizing everyone else already has it? Wondering why some people get first pick designer items and you have to wait ages until a collection is officially out for sale? Yup. A lot of us think so to, so you should probably keep reading this.

“Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2014 collection for Moschino walked the runway a week ago today…but somehow ended up on Anna Dello Russo less than 24 hours after the show.”-ChiCityFashion
The whole point of fashion week is to show the collections to buyers then consumers (AKA us) will be able to purchase those runway pieces in stores (or variations of them) in 6-8 month. But now here’s what’s happening…

In this modern time, designers are literally giving away designer items not only to celebrities for advertisement reasons, but street style stars apparently now fall under that “star” category…at least in the fashion world.

These items from brand new collections are in the hands of a lucky handful within a few hours after debuting! (or sometimes, even before). Whether it’s red carpet or street style during fashion month, we now have more opportunities to view new items from collections way before they’re ever available in stores….is this good though?

So it’s pretty obvious why this happens. The “star” wears something, then everyone wants it and no one can have it for a number of months, thus making it more desirable and creating more buzz for the designer. But could this have a reverse affect? Maybe people will get comepletely sick of the Moschino McDonalds iPhone cases and jewelry, or the Chanel graffiti backpack. (Currently I love it, but I am sure peoples opinios will change once it’s availible for us) Just maybe…

When I think about it, I do have to admit: it’s a smart move on the designer’s part because it really does create the… lust for these items, stronger than before just because of the wait. Coming from someone who especially appreciates unique pieces you don’t see very often(even though I wouldn’t ever afford it at my age!), it actually makes me not want the item…even if I love it. In a way, it makes the item less desirable and brings down it’s value,when too many people have already acquired that specific designer item. I realized that by the time I would receive a designer item, it would already be old news, seen it on the Internet at least a dozen times, etc….therefore making me comepletely… over it.

People that hold this similar opinion might be called snobby I guess, but I get it: People like to invest in things they won’t see on everyone else. There’s nothing worse than splurging on something then suddenly everyone else has you’re precios Celine Luggage Tote.

But that’s just me…what about you? When you see these items on celebrities or on street style blogs, does it make you want them more or less? Is being fashionably early the new late? Share your thoughts in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Is Being Fashionably Early the New Late?

  1. I totally lose interest on the item by the time I can buy them, simply because after all those months of waiting I realize I don’t actually need it like I thought I did when I first saw it months back. And I get what you mean by getting sick of it too since you see them everywhere lol I actually start to like a trend when it’s not much of a trend anymore

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