New Blog Series! Creating a Fashion Collection

I have really been focusing on Moodboards for future fashion illustration ideas, so I thought I would make a mini series on my first attempt of a collection design. I think that it will be pretty interesting, as I blog about the process I take to create fashion illustrations and to reach my finished product:)

Today, I would like to share my first step in the process: The Moodboard. Because while top designers use these to clue in anticipating consumers for their latest collections, I use them merely for inspiration. Because, quite frankly, it is extremely hard to create a cohesive collection if you aren’t sure of the direction you’re taking. Now, it is true that everyone is different in the way they first approach a new fashion collection draft. Personally, because I just draw fashion for the fun of it- šŸ™‚ – I like to start of with a Moodboard to help me in the direction I want to go.

Photography is definitely a medium that really inspires me, so I created this collage, shown below, that really captures the theme I want to create in my designs.

For this blog series, I will be focusing on a fantasy-driven Alice in Wonderland theme. I really want to convey a modernization on the classic, giving it a more futuristic feel. I was inspired by the softness of the flowers in some of the photos and how they complement some of the more dark and mysterious photos. I think that this really captures how Alice is very girly and young, but is brought into this new and weird fantasy place that is much more different that she has ever seen before. The contrast between the two, I think suits it, with both having very different styles.

Now, once I have a clear idea where I want my collection to go, I would go on to the next step, which is moving everything on my digital photo collage and making one by hand. Because sometimes, it is best to both view you’re inspiration and try to recreate it. You will see that by doing this step, you will most definitely get more out of you’re original idea and have a new view on the direction you want to take. Basically, I would say that you should never rush the process.

So, in this step, a good way you can start to create these ideas and transfer them onto you’re paper is: a sketchbook! You can draw quick sketches, create a collage from magazine clippings or attach you’re favorite swatches for inspiration. I actually have not created a fashion sketchbook at all, and I recently purchased a good quality spiral-bound art book, which I am really excited to try out! Here are some examples of some fashion sketchbooks that really inspired me:


Moodboards have proven to be a great help to me, and it really gives me a clear vision as to what I want to achieve in the end. It’s what you refer back to when you’re done with a project, but you ask yourself: “Is this really done, or do I need something more?” Usually, when this happens it’s because the aesthetic you had it mind either wandered off, branching off into a different direction, or…you’re missing something, and you’ll probably need something to refer back to. Hence, the Moodboard! Honestly, I think that it can easily be the most important step in creating a collection.

The next step in this little series is all about sketchbooks! I’m not sure when I’ll have this posted, but I will as soon as school gives me a break!



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