101 Things to do when You’re Bored: Style Blogger Edition:)

Why hello there guys! I thought if make a list to aid both myself and fellow fashion bloggers when you’re bored and simply have nothing to do:) look below for 101 ways to end you’re boredom and still be productive at the same time! (Fashion blogger edition)

1) Try some nail art
2) Make 15 looks with 3 outfits
3) Read magazines
4) Blog about an inspiring quote
5) Record you’re outfit of the day
6) Go shopping!
7) style you’re hair differently
8) go out to the park to blog
9) Sew something…or attempt to:p
10) Make some fashion illustrations
11) Go to a coffee shop, to blog
12) Go out and take some street style photos
13) DIY something
14) Redo you’re bedroom
15) Clean out you’re closet
16) Write a “Current Obsessions” post
17) Catch up on some summer homework if you have any…I do:(
18) Fill you’re bedroom walls with inspiring photos
19) Brainstorm: word cloud from fashion and post:)
20) Write about a recent movie you saw
21) Go to a thrift store for some jewelry
22) Make you’re own makeup!
23) Look up retail coupons and go on a shopping spree!
24) Bake something: a cake? Cupcakes? πŸ™‚
25) Make up some different poses for you’re next OOTD:)
26) Steal a celebrity’s style for the day
27) Do a: “What I did today” blog post
28) Share a gallery: Post with no words, but just pictures
29)Start a YouTube channel linked to you’re fashion blog
30) promote you’re blog on social media!!
31) Answer some comments you haven’t gotten to
32) Listen to music!
33) Play a sport, or go to the gym to relax:)
34) Create a picture collage
35) Write a book
36) Try to make you’re own magazine!
37) sell handmade items on Etsy
38) Make a huge list of future blog post ideas
39) Create a Wordle online
40) make a Prezi presentation and link it from you’re blog
41) Make a optional playlist on the sidebar from you’re posts
42) Create a fashion forum
43) Write a guest post!
44) Review a Fashion Show
45) Go to a fashion show!
46) Write a post on what you loved at the mall!
47) change the theme of you’re blog!
48) make you’re blog mobile
49) Try some SEO, it’s worth it:)
50)make some New Years Resolutions..never too late to start!
51) Watch some videos on Youtube
52) Write a list, like me!
53) Comment on this post? πŸ™‚
54) Plan you’re dream trip:)
55) Write a letter
56) Walk you’re dog:) (WARNING: don’t attempt to walk you’re cat or they will hate you…or I’ve heard…)
57) Look onto Flickr for some inspiring photos
58) Post something on Instagram
59) Tweet you’re recent posts
60) Look up some more inspiration on Pinterest
61) Find some pretty pictures on WeHeartIt
62) Learn some new words!
63) Try to learn a new language!
64) Blog about you’re goals for you’re blog
65) Write a post of what fashion means to you
66) Interview someone!
67) Find some free events in you’re area:)
68)Make a smoothie/shake…because why not right?
69) Bookmark every page you find inspiring in a magazine for faster reference
70) Decorate some pencils
71) Create a jewelry holder
72) Come up with a new makeup look and post:)
73) Make a Moodboard and share it online
74) Try out different braids:)
75) Make some Polyvore outfits
76) Get a closet app and make you’re clothing virtual!
77) Go to Ikea!!!
78) Compare to stores and pick a favorite, fashion post
79)Choose different locations for you’re OOTD’s
80) Make a new blog series!
81) Recreate an old photo!
82) Post some beauty and health posts:)
83) Learn to cook a new meal
84) Do short posts like quotes or small updates rather than long standard posts for a change:)
85)Make a Top 10 favorite fashion bloggers and tell them they were mentioned (you might get the gesture returned!)
86) Learn to draw or paint
87) Learn to play an instrument
88) Go on a small unplanned trip!
89) Blog about how you found you’re personal style
90) Do a closet tour/ room tour
91) Show you’re makeup collection!
92) Share you’re favorite fashion quotes!
93) Go out and volunteer somewhere:)
94) Plan a yard sale
95) Do a makeup product review
96) Advertise your blog!
97) Make a savings jar for a goal you have
98) go for a long walk/ bike ride
99) Keep up with you’re blog!
100) Reach a goal of posts you want: 100? 500? πŸ™‚
101) and if you’re a really successful blogger…start a meet-up! I’m sure many of us would love to meet you:)

X0X0, Nessa:)


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