25 Pins That Will Get You Through The Holiday Season!

IMG_3538.JPG From gift wrapping to holiday treats to Christmas décor, I’ve complied a list of 25 Pins to get you through the season! Scroll down for inspiration:) Food:

IMG_3547.JPG 1) Reindeer Cupcakes: I really love these! They’re great if you’re having a Christmas party with kids, and I personally love the pretzel-with chocolate mix:) Instructions below!


2) “Joy” Platter: I think this is a really fun idea, to actually…oh I don’t know…persuade people to finally eat from you’re vegetable tray? Because we all know, they will get awkwardly pushed aside, so let’s change that!


3) Snowman Treats: Ok, I honestly am not sure what they are made of…but they’re cute so if you want to find out what they are exactly, follow the link below:)


4) Candy-Filled Pretzel Rods: Again: pretzel + sweets = win. It’s like the most accurate math problem in the world, and I really want to try this right now….


5) Candy Popcorn: Adding sweets to salty again, aren’t we? Oh how splendid! (I’ve seriously never tried this before and it really upsets me because everyone I ask has already tried this, and I’m just like…late about it…)


Diy Gifts:

IMG_3568.JPG 6) “Money Pizza”: I just thought this was a really cute and creative way to give money to someone for the holidays! So if you want to make it a bit more personalized and funny, there’s an idea for ya! I


7) Spa In A Jar: How can you go wrong with this one? I mean at least you know that they’ll use it, and they’ll have a Mason Jar when they used all the products:

) Instructions

8) Decorated Candle: I think that this is a great gift idea for young children, as shown in the picture to their grandparents:) It’s cute and it’s personalized and makes it all the more special.


9) Cute Kitchen Essentials: If you know that someone likes to cook, they will definitely appreciate the extra supplies! Plus, this is a really pretty presentation even I would like this gift! (Which is saying a lot because I basically never cooked in my life…don’t judge..)


10) Decoupaged Letter: This one is probably my favorite, just because it is so personalized to the person you are giving it to, and you can fill it up with so many layered photos they know you worked so hard on! I really want to try decoupage one day as well:)



IMG_3576.JPG 11) Starry Night Ceiling: This looks absolutely amazing, especially in the high ceiling! I have no idea how this managed to stay up, but it looks so pretty and magical!!!


12) Snowflake Wall Decor: It’s simple. It’s DIY and practical. Yet, it’s also has that old-cabin-in-the-winter kind of feel:) The best thing about this? It’s made out of Popsicle sticks! Click below to find out how to make this:)


13) Ornament Garland: This is really a new and modern way to decorate a mantel that I have never seen before. It’s colorful and it really stands out, making for a great focal-point piece:) (Sorry, this Pin didn’t have a link:( )

14) Outdoor Light Spheres: This.Is.Awesome! And quite embarrassing for me when I say that I have actually just heard about these really cool outdoor light spheres…because apparently they’re really popular right now? Like when did this happen? Where are these decorations because I do not see them in anyone’s lawn! Yeah, don’t feel left out like me, you should probably read these instructions below…


15) Penguin Slide: I think I can safely say that this is the cutest Christmas decoration I have ever seen in my entire life! This is pretty simple, but go check out the instructions….you might see the photo in different angles! (You know you want to….) Instructions

Gift Wrapping Ideas:

IMG_3561.JPG 16) Woven Pastel Wrapping: This looks pretty complex and yet really simple at the same time…it’s confusing but I love it, so I just had to include it in my list!


17) Chalkboard Wrapping: I think that you can totally have creative freedom on this one, which is why I love it so much! I really like what they did in this photo though, with the drawn-on make tags:)


18) Santa’s Delivery: This is a really cool idea for kids who are expecting a gift straight from the North Pole! It looks just like a package that was delivered straight to their door and it’s adorable and I love it!


19) Polka Dotted Wrapping: Oh how elegant of you to post this. How unlike you, I must say! Trying to be fancy, so you post a sophisticated Christmas wrapping Pin, now don’t you? ….maybe…;)


20) Boutique Gift Bag: Seriously the best gift bag ever and it looks like it came straight from a boutique! The best part about it? You can make it from only a bit of wrapping paper!


Other Awesome Holiday Pins:)

IMG_3583.JPG 21) Snowflake Chandelier: Not sure where I would ever put this, but click on the link to find out how to cut these intricate-designed snowflakes! (I found it so helpful, because my paper snowflakes were sad-looking…Now they’re fabulouuusss!) Instructions

22) Minimal Effort Decor: Sorry for the small and flipped photo on the collage, but I really love this! It’s funny and minimal effort, yet it really is fully decorated! Not much instruction on this one, but here’s the Buzzfeed Article it’s featured on:)

23) Heart-Shaped Whipped Cream: Because it’s pretty, and you all deserve to have this beautiful mug of hot chocolate… Instructions

24) Rule of Thumb… I thought this was a pretty useful tip, I don’t know if you can see the photo or not, but here’s what it says if they photo’s too small: “For every 1 foot of tree height, you need 100 lights, 9 feet of garland and 20 ornaments” Welp, I didn’t know that!


25) Tree Napkins: Because they are cute and every season needs a cute napkin, or you’re doing it wrong. (Just saying…you know you need this tree napkin in you’re life…you know it…and you’re napkin knows it too…)


And that was 25! Hope you guys found that list useful and maybe found some ideas you would like to try for yourself! I’ll be adding more pins to this list over on my Pinterest account, so if you want to see that, you can follow me @thatchicfashion ! Happy Holidays! 🙂



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