What’s On My Christmas Wishlist!?

I can’t believe that Christmas is literally only 5 days away now! I wanted to post this a week ago, but I got pretty busy in school. But, I have since been on winter break. I know this is a rather short list (in comparison to my usual long posts), but I wanted to make sure I posted it before Christmas. So here are my Top 7.

1) Copic Sketch Markers:
I have been waning these for quite a while now, after weeks of researching what the perfect marker for fashion illustration is: Copic Sketch Markers! The only problem is the unreasonable price, at about $8 a marker. Granted, it is a professional art material, but still! Either way, I’m fine watching Copic unboxing videos for now…maybe I’ll feel like I have them! πŸ˜€

2) #GirlBoss (Sophia Amoroso):
Reviews (all positive) of this book have been circling everywhere for so long now, and so many people are basically…raving about it! Sooo, I want to read it it find out what all the amazingness is about:) It’s an inspirational book from what I have read, about having confidence in yourself to take the step in a not-so-ordinary career path. It’s about trusting yourself and knowing you can achieve you’re dreams, and she tells her story to success:)

3) Cannon Eos Rebel T31:
I would really love to start taking some OOTD photos for this blog, and be able to take professional photography for posts:) I know that this exact camera model is one that is almost always named, but honestly I have heard the best reviews on the Rebel T3I than other versions and brands. I also know that everyone always says that good photo come from a great photographer, now the camera. But, I’m not a photographer, so I need a good quality camera! (Yeah I guess that’s not a very good excuse)

4) Burgundy Doc Martens:
Because I have seriously wanted a pair of Doc Martens for a year and a half now, (at the least) and they can pair with so many outfits perfect for Fall, and maybe even winter! I love the style, and the glossy finish and I really like the girly/tomboy at-the-same-time look that I think these boots have:)

5) Black Thick-Framed Sunglasses:
Ok so I may or may not want these because I want to look like the young Anna Wintour…or maybe I do, but I mean who doesn’t! Seriously though, i really love these dark sunglasses that are fit for the winter, because mostly other sunglasses look to “summery” to be worn during this time of the year.
I’ve also been seeing them lately a lot on a number of fashion bloggers accounts, and they just make me want a pair even more!

6) Beats Headphones:
Not because they’re popular, or even the sound quality to be compel eyelet honest…but they look amazing…in pink…so stylish :P. There are just some things that you want, and you realize that the only reason you want that item so bad is because of how it looks. It’s presentation. It’s not just me, right? I really hope not, but they are just sooooo pretty to look at, and to me that is seriously enough to put on my Wishlist.

7) Knee-Length Camel-Colored Coat:
. It’s perfection and I love it, and I need it in my life. (This is Burberry, so I obviously won’t be asking for the exact one in the photo above, but I have seen many coats that actually look really similar to it, and a price that is much more reasonable:)

And there you have it! My Top 7 Items currently on my Wishlist this holiday season:) Oh, I almost forgot! Leave a comment below telling me what’s on you’re Wishlist! I would love to know!
Happy Holidays to you all:) πŸ’—πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ



9 thoughts on “What’s On My Christmas Wishlist!?

  1. Lovely post! I have the T3i and I have not one bad word to say about! A definate must for OOTD posts! I have some pictures in my recent posts shot with the camera itself – so if you want to see the quality hands on that is an idea! Love your blog πŸ™‚ ❀

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