10 Tips For Getting You’re Blog Ready For 2015

“New Year, New Me”. I’ve never really agreed with this saying, because I think that you can make a change, regardless of the month! At the same time however, we catch ourselves making resolutions (mine will be up a couple of days from now) and preparing for the new year with excitement like everything is about to change! And, perhaps it can. So, here are some tips for preparing you’re blog for the New Year!

1) Plan You’re Posts..A Lot of Them!
I actually have a notebook set aside strictly for jotting down blog post ideas and notes on what I really want to make sure I post. And it is so helpful you guys, that I seriously planned a whole year of blog posts! I’m. Not. Even. Kidding. I think that it is such a good idea to just simply keep all of you’re inspiration organized in one place, where you can access it quickly. And for me, it’s my notebook:)

2) Start A New Series!
Have you had a series in mind that you have so many ideas for, but never got around to actually posting any of these ideas on you’re blog? Well, now is the time! (I actually have 2 special series coming up that I am really excited about! They’re in the process, so stay tuned!) Creating content or starting a new writing style can be an exiting new addition to you’re blog, keeping it fresh and updated for you’re readers.

3) Try To Get On A Schedule
It’s hard. I know. I have true to have a schedule on when my posts would go up, and I pretty much failed. I had things to do, school to go to, and I barely had to to post At.All. But, once you actually manage to choose when you’re posts will be up, you’re readers will already know when to go back to you’re blog, and read new content. (It makes you look pretty professional if you manage to do this as well, to be honest!) Whether it be twice a week, at 12:00, or once every 2 weeks, once you have a schedule figured out, you know how much time you have to complete a post until you post, and it is much more efficient. (I have to work on this one the most!)

4) Try Something New On You’re Blog!
I am currently working on a mini-series on how to create a fashion collection (drawings), and I think that it’s a really great addition to have besides my usual posts, as it gives more personal insight on what I like to do at home: draw fashion! So, find something that you love, and share it with the blogosphere! There is nothing better on a blog, than when we get to see fresh new content, no one had ever done before:)

5) Update You’re Blog Design
By this age, more than ever, it is so important that you’re blog is simple and easy to get around. It should have clear tabs and categories for anyone that is visiting you’re site for the first time. Simple and clean:) Sometimes, a blog could have this amazing and expensive template, but it is hard to get around to much, because the design is a bit too distracting from the content. No! Don’t do this! You’re content is the most important part, so starting the New Year off with a new design is always a good idea:)

6) Improve You’re Brand Name With Social Media
Take the time to connect you’re blog to you’re social media accounts, because girl: people want to know about you! I have heard from many bloggers that say they don’t really feel comfortable sharing their content after it’s published (namely on Facebook) because they don’t want to “be a bother”. Seriously? Why would you be a bother to anyone? You blog to inform others of you’re great ideas, but why write it if you don’t share it? Then no one sees it! To be honest, there is no shame in a little self-advertising:) You work hard on you’re blog, so start connecting and build you’re brand name into something you’re proud of!

7) Clean Up You’re Site!
Yeah it’s a boring task, but take the time to put all that spam in the trash, update you’re domains if needed, and all of that other not-so-fun but still important stuff! Look for broken links, resize/ edit images, or fix some HTML to make you’re site look crisp and clean! It’s also a goo idea to review you’re About page and see if it needs updating as well:)

8) Make An Awesome Workspace!
Great quality posts come with a great working enviroment. So take the time to decorate you’re space with things you find inspirational! Whether you place you’re desk and laptop next to you’re window for a great view, or sit close by to a pile of you’re favorite fashion magazines, being around things that inspire you, naturally: create better posts!

9) Work On The Quality Of You’re Posts:)
Image quality, punctuation, a couple of misspelled words here and there. Yeah, it’s annoying to have to go back and fix you’re posts, but you know who is going to be more annoyed than you? You’re readers! Don’t let them see those minor errors, as minor as they may be! Take pride in these posts, and take the time to review before posting. I know that this many sound obvious and simple, but I have the habit of sometimes posting before reading it over for errors. Don’t do the same thing I did! Now I have to do this, myself:(

10) Become More Involved In The Blogosphere!
To be completely honest, the blogging community is easily the nicest group of people that I have met online…ever! More than Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter combined! (Still love you guys if one of you is reading this!) They take the time to comment through suggestions, topic ideas and amazingly nice complements on my posts which honestly is what drives me to keep blogging! I always get excited whenever I see my phone light up, and it’s a comment from one of my readers:) So, my biggest tip for all bloggers out there: take advantage of the awesome community you have here. Let’s connect! 🙂

Do you have any tips to add to this list for fellow bloggers? Leave them in the comments below:) I want to know!


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