Top 10 Fashion Books You’ll Probably Want To Know About

top fashion books

I’ve been on the hunt for fashion books for the past few months now, looking for the best of the best. And now, I want to share them with you! Here are 10 Books that are guaranteed to inspire or teach you more about the fashion industry:)

Inspiring Fashion Books:

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1) Grace Codington: A Memoir (By: Grace Codington)
The legend of a model and partner in fashion to Anna Wintour, (Creative Director) Grace’s memoir comes across as quite…down to earth. Her personality shines through in her autobiography, where she tells the story from her childhood to her modeling teen years, and her success up until now. In the book, she credits Anna Wintour’s documentary “The September Issue” as the only reason people knew about her in the first place, choosing more often than not to stay out of the spotlight. She actually wrote her life story in the first place because of so many people asking her to publish one! Michael Roberts (style director of Vanity Fair) actually helped her write the book, “given that I’ve rarely read two books in my life that aren’t picture books”. 🙂 It’s a great read, that gives you a look into the life of Grace and learn about her influence in the fashion industry.

2) #Girl Boss (By Sophia Amoruso)
I have actually added this book to my “Christmas Wishlist” post, and I have not read it yet. However, during the past year, this girl-powered business inspiration book has since seen much success. It’s an autobiography of Sophia Amoruso (Founder and CEO of NastyGal) who tells her story in hopes to inspire ambitious young women of today. It’s one of those success stories
but it also has a unique appeal to women: She focuses on inspiring them to go after their dreams and work hard and success will follow. I just can’t wait to read it though, so a longer review may follow in the future!

3) (un)Fashion (By: Tibor Kalman)
This is a very interesting book, as author Tibor Kalman expresses his views on contemporary fashion, and the extreme differences of what different counties deem as fashionable. It opens you’re view of clothing and culture and makes you realize just how extremely different one part of the world is from another!
Plenty of images of the extremities of fashion fill every page, making it one of those books you always go back to (Even though I only have the online book) There is not much text, as I think the images speak for themselves, but it is definitely inspiring to me to see the outlandish things that make up fashion in other parts of the world.

4) The Sartorialist Closer (By: Scott Schuman)
A complication of only the best images Scoot Schumann has taken over the years of fashionable street style, all into one book! I think of it more like a “Featured” or “Most Popular Posts” of his website”, but there is just something much more special when you look through the photos in real life, than rather just looking at them on you’re screen. I really like the images he chose to include in his book, as it really captures more than one style of dress, showcasing the diversity street style has to offer.

5) Vogue Fashion-Over 100 Years of Style (Linda Watson)
I absolutely love the whole idea of this book! Over the last 100 years, fashion have evolved and continued to change tremendously, from bell bottoms to skinny jeans and a whole lot of reinvention of old looks. And throughout all of this change and style phases, Vogue was there. It was there to capture every moment, every trend, and everything fashionable you can imagine, becoming essentially the best visual directory of fashion you could ever ask for! I love the overall design and formatting of the book, clearly showing the differences as well as the connections with every decade. The images are stunning and every trend is covered perfectly and done justice. A must read for hours and hours of inspiration:)

Learning About The Industry:

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1) The Fashion Designer Survival Guide (By: Mary Gehlhar)
In a world where the fashion industry is small and space for employment is limited, everyone wants to try to get a spot. Well, the good news is that with the rise of fashion blogs and style social media accounts, more people are getting a chance to be part of the now-growing industry. And this book? It teaches you how to be a part of it, and how to be successful once you’re there! It’s a Survival Guide, because seriously…as we always hear: the fashion industry is cut-throat and if you want to be even remotely successful you have to learn to have thick skin and not let anything get to you. This book let’s you know that you really can make it, but you have to put in that effort!

2) 9 Heads (By: Nancy Riegelman)
I actually do not have this book, but from what I have heard and read about, this is the book to get, if you want to improve you’re fashion illustration skills. It is a but pricey at around 100 dollars, but the content and knowledge you are getting from it is essentially similar (or possibly better) than a fashion college textbook! This is definitely a great investment for anyone looking to self-teach themselves in the design process.

3) Fashion A-Z (By: Alex Newman & Zakee Sheriff)
Because, if you want to work in the fashion industry, whichever niche it may be, you need to know the terminology. Fashion A-Z is the most comprehensive style diction reference book I could find! Judging by the reviews, this is one of the most popular and highly rated, and I think the author really did a good job describing each term, so you can really understand some of the more garment-construction-type words, you may not have heard of before. It is a must have for any fashion lovers bookshelf!

4) Pattern Making for Fashion Designers (By: Helen Joseph Armstrong)
Because at the end of the day, when you finally plan out a whole collection, you’re Moodboard is complete, you’re sketches are laying neatly on the side of you’re desk, and you’re sipping you’re tea and everything’s fine..until..:how am I going to make this?! Well, that’s were this magical book comes in to save you! It teaches you the beginner basics for pattern making and understanding how to create a garment based on size and measurement/proportions. Yes, it’s not the fun part in the design process (ew math), but it’s essential to making clothing, so for that reason, this book will come in handy!

5) Fabrics A-Z-The Essential Guide (By: Dana Willard)
I really like to spend my free time drawing some fashion illustrations, when I’m not blogging. Sometimes I look at these sketches, and I think: If I were to make this one day, what fabrics would I use? Now, first of all I am not really informed much at all on what types of fabrics to use for which garments, but I just couldn’t figure it out. It kind of bothered me, because it my goal really was to become a designer, I needed to know these things! Therefore, this book is for you if you’re like me, and want to learn about all of these fabrics! It is the best reference for this area, very detailed (to the point where I don’t really understand it anymore, because it really goes into detail!) and tells you what fabric can be used for every type of garment.

And that completes my list! I hope you guys found it helpful, and if you have any additional books you would like to share, please feel free to comment below!


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