Reem Acra Pre-Fall 2015 Collection: My Review

*Finally! Its Pre-Fall Runway Shows and I am more than ready to start reviewing as many collections as I possibly can, starting off with the amazing Reem Acra!*

If you were to ask me to describe Reem Acra in three words, it would probably be something along the lines of: elegant, magical, and…fairy-tale inspired! Every season and every bridal gown she designs is-as always-extremely intricate to perfection and a dream to own. So, with this non-bridal season…I was very pleased to see this amazing collection, that seemed it had come straight out of a fairytale! And I’m not the only one with this opinion, as over the past few weeks, overwhelmingly pleased feedback have been trickling down into social media about this fit-for-a-princess collection. I couldn’t agree more!

From a dress fully covered in gold sequins to an array of beautiful black, white, and red lace dresses, we are more than likely to see many of these pieces on the red carpet very soon. (Namely Taylor Swift, definitely her style as she loves to sparkle!) The collection is fit for a royal, reminiscent of something quite better than a princess straight out of a Disney movie. (And that’s saying a lot.)

And although unfortunately most of us don’t have an occasion to wear one of these magical ball gowns, we can at least look forward to seeing these dresses off of the runway and onto the red carpet, next award season.


Personally, the one thing I really appreciated about the lineup, was the way Acra was able to create such beautifully constructed garments out of virtually basic items. She dressed up the standards for eveningwear, demonstrating that even the most simplest of clothing items can be transformed only the most exceptional pieces. I found myself quite enchanted by the last few dresses in the lineup, featured in elegant sky blue, coral pink and white colors. The dresses were constructed in a way the bodice would look somewhat of an enlarged gold accessory pulling together the diaphanous fabrics. Simply a lovely ball gown every young girl would only dream about owning.

The whole collection really-not just the pieces I mentioned- are just a great addition to the successful Pre-Fall season of beautiful, dreamworthy creations that would completely work for any fairy tale princess! How can I even start to summarize in just a few sentences the absolute amazingness of this collection! It was utterly romantic in the best of ways that the dresses are still fully functional (for those who can afford them of course!). Perhaps another detail I loved was the modernization of lace Acra was able to convey, quite similar to flowers, creating the illusion that they were blossoming like vines on the model. I’m not the biggest fan of lace, but I surprisingly liked how it was used in this collection. I think it was good to give a fresh not look to Acra’s signature intricate lace embellishments.


Perhaps the only thing I was disappointed in from the collection was not directly to the pieces themselves but the surprising feedback that gave to the designer. How I took it, it seemed as if they were less excited (much much less) than I was, having an underlying opinion that the collection was…not so amazing. I quote, directly from the site: “There were no major innovations in this collection, nor did Acra go off on an inspired whim. She just made good-looking gowns. And the line was better for it.” Hmm. Well I guess everyone has a different opinion.

What do you all think of this collection? I would love to hear you’re awesomeness opinions! Feel free to leave a comment below:)



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