My 2015 Blog Resolutions!

It’s January 1st and it’s 2015 already! Last year I started my blog, and I really wanted to make some resolutions to stay focused on some goals I have for the future of ThatChicFashionBlog. Wow I can’t believe it: “last year”. Weird saying that! I am so happy with what I have accomplished these past 7 months of 2014, and so excited to see what awaits my blog for the new year! Here are my 5 resolutions I really want to focus on this year, on my blog:


1) Create/Finish A Whole Fashion Sketchbook:
I have actually been working on a mini-series for some time now, and I even posted some of my first additions to the series, but I would really like to start focusing on my fashion drawings.  I bought a new sketchbook about a month ago, and I am really motivated to actually full it up with illustrations (something I never really committed to in the past) I think it will really help me to have this goal to motivate myself to be creative, and create designs in only one theme per sketchbook! The theme I plan on sticking to: Alice in Wonderland inspired designs:)

2) Learn How To Sew/Make A Garment:
I got a sewing machine waaayyyy too long ago, to not be able to use it. (3 years at the least) I’ve never not around to learning, but to be able to take my designs and actually create them would be amazing! So, this is definitely something I really want to focus on learning and putting my time into, this year. (Plus, I really would love to attend fashion school, and one of the entrance requirement are to produce 3 garments.)

3) Start and OOTD Series:
I have wanted to do this way too long to never get around to, as well. I have a tendency to want things absolutely perfect and pretty on my blog…down to the formatting and HTML. So, I guess in a sense I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my blog. So, perhaps not having a quality camera to shoot OOTD photos, or not having perfect lighting deterred me from actually every posting. But, what’s a fashion blog without them, right? So, I am definitely going to make this a huge change on my blog, very soon:)

4) Learn More About The Fashion Industry:
Everything from designers to what fabric to use for what garment, I would love to put the time and effort I to educating myself on the fashion industry. The terms, the history…everything! I also think that it is really important to do this, so I can improve my posts in the future. Learning about fashion in a more narrow view, will help me focus on the details of runways, terminology and will hopefully improve my fashion show reviews as well.

5) Gain More Blogosphere Friends!
(Because you guys are honestly awesome.) And I want to be more connected this year! I have been planning a couple of new projects that I am really excited about, but haven’t really figured out completely yet: but it will include all of you and I’m really excited about it! I don’t really want to say much yet, but it is a platform basically where we can all meet and exchange post ideas, fashion tips etc, and I can’t wait to reveal more info in the coming months! 😀




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