So, Heres What’s Coming Soon… :)

Happy New Years everyone! Hope you’re having a great day and making awesome memories for page 1 of 365:) I just really quickly wanted to post a sort of “Coming Soon” on this blog, outlining some things I wish to accomplish for 2015.

Here are some points:

* Fashion School 101: Yay! I have been saying in a couple of posts in the past week that I have a couple of blog series I want to start. And this one is the one I am most excited about! I really want to start covering biographies of fashion designers, post about a technical term in the industry and explain how it relates to fashion, have a mini series that branches out all about Fashion Illustration. I think teaching others a skill is a way to strengthen you’re own, so I hope I get better at drawing by the end of this as well:)

* Finally, I am hoping to start a series where I cover the latest trends so far. I figured it was perfect timing since it’s the New Year and new trends are just replacing the old, so I hope to cover most of them!

*An OOTD series: I’m really excited to start this off, and I wanted to for a long time but never got around to it, but it’s certainly going to be something I’ll start soon enough!

* A new website is in progress right now! I plan to launch it in about 4 months (hopefully less) and it will serve as a nice little site for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers to come together in a mini social media site just for the blogosphere! (Go V.I.P!) Any suggestions for this site will be more than welcome:)

It’s a lot to take on, but I really want to keep this blog up and hopefully make it better this year. Happy New Years again and have a great rest of the day!



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