Paule Ka Pre-Fall Collection: My Review

Paule Ka. The fashion house that makes me love and appreciate the beauty of simplistic 60’s style.

One of my favorites to review, as I have in the past for Resort 2015, but this season’s Pre Fall collection was much better on many points. Despite keeping traditional 60’s staple pieces, we get to see the brighter side of the era this season, featuring even a tangerine backdrop!

The Parisian brand in many ways has had quite the busy season, following the assignment to new CEO of Paule Ka, originally founded by Serge Cajfinger who served as its creative director and chairman since 1987. (He announced his soon retirement from the brand last June) Despite their circumstances, this season was still in many ways a great one: its a transitional season and although the label may stay true to its original aesthetic, I would guess it has a likely chance to be changed over the next few years with the installment of the new head designer.

Now, moving on off the business side of this, for my review of the clothing! *Got off topic there, sorry* I really loved to see the French style beret’s incorporated into many of the looks. It gave the outfits a classy yet casual feel, appealing to a wider and more commercial audience which I thought was great! (Cant wait to see the top fashion bloggers sport many of these looks, as I’m sure we are bound to see soon enough) The pieces had an athletic feel to them, namely cropped bomber jackets and multicolored gym shoes.

The Ready-To-Wear collection is simple and practical yet had enough original touches to stay true to the label’s undying aesthetic. Perhaps my favorite look was the ivory trapeze dress, that looked simple and white tied on the wrists with dainty bows, but reveals a beautiful pleated back, a modern and feminine twist to a rather simple garment. This look is most definitely something that I have been spotting in retailers even as early as it is! Trend alert? Quite possibly. If so, I very much welcome this new look.

The most prevalent pattern was done in a couple of the pieces such as a coat, some trousers and one a top: a beautiful checkered tweed in black, white and red. (Reminds me a lot of Chanel, not to be so mainstream or basic, but it does!) I liked seeing a fuchsia pop of color included into the collection, to a rather black and white one, adding a more romantic feel to the rather playful lineup.

Leather mini skirts, stylized berets, tweed coats and 60’s inspired: Am I missing anything? This collection was very much pleasing to see, maybe not surprising but just enough was made new again to make it pretty awesome! (for lack or better words)


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