Alexander Lewis Pre-Fall 2015 Collection: My Review

Lewis’  feminine Pre-Fall 2015 Collection was…a bit of a risk on the inspiration for the looks. His ideas for the collection was rooted from Jewish as well as Islamic tradition. Not only is always going to be a touchy subject when you choose you’re garments to be religion-inspired, but you also have to make sure you do it justice. That you don’t offend. Namely some pieces that may have given his inspiration away were woven symbols for such as ” skirt done in a blue and silver jacquard inspired by the Star of David and a black sweater with the hand of Fatima embroidered in sequins.” (

The lineup had an eclectic feel, focusing in on setting the stage for the Middle Eastern woman. A playful collection overall, in beautiful pastel colors mainly a nice shade of baby blue perfect of the winter. The one thing I really love about this collection is how Lewis manages to make every outfit flattering and still appropriate and quite modest. Although I am not sure that the garments (at least not all of them) are updated enough to fit into the lifestyle of women today, I was still very pleased mainly to see the amazing amount of classiness portrayed in the looks.

One of the ways the designer managed to bring in a younger side to the rather…old looks, was to incorporate some young trends such as the crop top and a long flowing skirt combination. This is done in a mustard yellow shade, topped with a boater hat (which Lewis made in collaboration with Piers Atkinson.) and a black velvet crop top. I think that by using trends as these, it makes the collection much stronger, and could stand on it’s own. I also really loved the pop of color mid-lineup with the fuchsia looks. It was a pleasing and bright contrast to the rather-cold-looks.

Overall, I think that this collection definitely had to be very careful due to their “touchy inspiration”, but I do think that the designer did very well in incorporating the theme in a strong manner. Color blocking was one of Lewis’ strong points and a feature in his collection, which I think also helped in creating a more modern and less simplistic look, which I personally loved. But, who am I kidding…my favorite part of the collection? The velvet! I absolutely loved it!

What did you think of this collection? Are there any other designers you would like me to review? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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