Little Things I’ve Been Drawing:)

Today, I just really quickly wanted to share  some fashion-related sketches I’ve been working on, some you might have already seen.

I’m actually really proud of this one:) It’s one of the very few drawings that I completed without going through a couple of drafts. I’m not really sure where I was going with this, I just really want to get better at drawing people! But, I used makeup as a new medium:) I colored about 25% of it with lipstick, eyeshadow etc.

I actually drew this last year, but I recently did some touch ups here and there, colored a bit more to make it look presentable. It’s a drawing inspired by the one and only Hayden Williams:) You might have seen a drawing similar to mine in a different color scheme.

I really don’t know how, but I was inspired by Alice in Wonderland to create this. This is one of the few drawings I’ve so far managed to complete in my sketchbook which I’ll hopefully complete:)

This is honestly the first time I attempted to draw swimwear and I went a bit crazy with the designs…I’m not so sure about the diamond and heart necklines but hey it’s my first attempt…

^and a preview to my next drawing:)



22 thoughts on “Little Things I’ve Been Drawing:)

  1. The best way to get better at drawing is to keep practicing! Comparing your previous drawings to the one you are currently working on, I can tell that you are progressing. I’d like to get better at drawing people too! I love that you used makeup to color. It is very clever.

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