A Look At Markus Lupfer’s Pre-Fall’s Collection

Lupfer is known for his “refined, off duty look”  aesthetic, by several past seasons. They featured multiple slogan tee shirts, novelty sweaters and a variety of sparkle-infused clothing items. However, he went for a more sophisticated look this season, with a new focus on prints. (But, you can definitely tell the collection is still the designer’s with the embroidery and detailed embellishments with many of the looks).

One of the most memorable details from the season were the prints that to many resembled confetti; The looks were quite versatile for the average working woman, being designed for work-to-party events. A favorite that stands out from the rest is a versatile stadium coat with material from Steiff (the iconic German stuffed toy company). Because of this, the coat can easily pass for the most authentic teddy bear coat we have seen yet.

As a whole, the lineup was relaxed and appropriate for an every-day look, but still managed to add a couple of standout pieces that were eccentric and fresh to the designer that made the clothing a definite win this Pre-Fall season for 2015-2016.

Many of the looks were casual, easily transitional for both fall into the winter season such as the dark blue sleeveless shift dress paired with the crystal embellished beanie. One of the standout pieces could have easily been the oversized navy blue parka, and perhaps the overall metallic jacquard print, seen in many of the looks. The use of floral on some of the sweaters as well as a particular dress was a nice addition to the prints used this season.

Personally, I loved that this season, Lupfer chose to make everyday pieces (such as the oversized sweaters and sweatpants) and transform his signature laid-pack looks into something much more elegant and sophisticated. It was a change that we have certainty not seen before from the designer. Whether or not, this new aesthetic will continue on for future collections, I do like were it is going for the mean time.


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