Hey Look! It’s The Elie Saab Pre-Fall Collection:)

I want to start off by saying that I am usually not much of a fan of Saab collections as so many are, but this one personally surprised me! Past lineups of the designer are simply not my style but nonetheless, I still love how much detail goes into each of his designs. This season, I think that the one thing I personally enjoyed seeing was a different elegance in the clothing that we are not usually shown. If you recall any recent dress of Saab that walked down the runway, you would have been quick to notice the intricate beading and pastel shades. However, this Pre-Fall collection was definitely a fresh new inspiration we haven’t seen in the past.

The Pre-Fall Season is known for many designers: the extra line. The standby. The safe collection you know will sell. But, it’s as if Ellie Saab decided to treat Pre-Fall as Resort. It wasn’t exactly safe. The clothing line in general was quite unexpected, introducing new fabrics and design techniques. “Pre-collections are becoming increasingly important for the brand,” said Saab. “Our customers are constantly looking for standout and unique pieces.” From only the looks of it, I think this successfully achieved this goal.

The designer’s aesthetic was something that can be described as “folk reverie,” the main theme of the collection. So, it would explain the full skirts, harvest-inspired clothing, oh and fur—lots of it. Probably one of my favorite aspects of the lineup was the embroidered red and purple flowers/black lace texture, which I loved seeing because it was something different than his famous bead-work. Fox fur made for an extra accent to a rather dramatic floor-length black coat. There was also a beautiful cutout floral jacket with red-dyed lamb’s fur…the epitome of elegance. There was a sort of “folksy feeling” as Style.com described it, and I couldn’t agree more. The one thing is for sure though: Elie Saab is by far the master of evening wear! Overall, his collection was a very tasteful, new direction that was certainly something his costumer will be pleased with.

So, what do you think about this collection? I would love to hear! Leave a comment below:)



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