Long Time No Post…

Its been long… right? It sure has felt like it. I remember when I would post every other day when I first started: that was 9 months ago. Now, I haven’t posted at all in what’s probably  more than 2 weeks, and feels like almost a month. So why did I were this post? Is it a: “I quit blogging.” Post, or a “I’m still here!” Post?Well it’s certainly not the former. But, I do feel like I should post more but I simply can’t find any time recently. I have a speech for school I’m stressing out about, a handful of tests and piles of homework that feel like 20 pound weights. I really don’t know how I can blog as much as I used to, but even with this big 2 week break without blogging, I am constantly stressed out about putting out content, that I’m not really on a break. For the summer, Ill hopefully get a job since I’ll be turning 16. On top of that I’ll have soooo much AP summer homework for next year. Yeah, hope I have time for anything else! But if I’ll do, I’ll be blogging. Because I love it, and it’ll take more than stress to make me quit altogether. It’s just been a brief hiatus and nothing more. Until next time,



Replies Anyone?

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